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Arco Yoga at the Egg

Acro Play Community Yoga Play with your fellow yogis in the active yoga workshop! Hone your body awareness, strengthen the core, and improve balance with partner yoga poses. Learn to go upside down with inversions like handstands and headstands. Fly your partner and be flown!  All levels welcome, from beginner to advanced. Improve your practice, […]

Ayurveda and the Mind

Ayurveda and the Layers of the Mind Join us at The Dragon’s Egg Studio, 401 Shewville Road, in Ledyard, CT on January 24 from 1-4PM to explore the Layers of the Mind. Cost is $35   The emotional aspect of ourself is the most powerful determinant in the quality of our life.  If the mind is agitated, the world looks bleak, […]

Dance Sampler Begins with an Ahhhh

Come try something new, or familiar!  Play, dance, rest, learn, expand your way of being.   Here is the schedule for the annual summer dance sampler series at the Dragon’s Egg, organized by Marya Ursin. Summer Dance Sampler  6/4- 7/30,  2014 Wednesdays, 5:30 – 6:30 pm, @ $12,  unless otherwise noted   Pre registration for […]

Dancing Summer Egg!

Summer Dance Sampler  6/4- 7/30,  2014 Wednesdays, 5:30 – 6:30 pm, @ $12,  unless otherwise noted   Pre registration for each class singly please!   Cheque to Mystic Paper Beasts with the particular class in the subject line.  That will be how we know if a class is a “go” or not…   June 4  […]

Flourishing May Egg!

The Egg is flourishing, with dancers and actors, presentations of work in progress by NuDance, Rejectdance, high school residencies, workshops such as the Robert Moss Dream time, Paul Dunion’s  Mystery School, Anne Belliveau’s Sacred Sound!  Classes in yoga, hooping, and children’s dance continue with glee.   L’Ana Burton’s Children’s Dance Continuum will have its 25th […]

Spring Detox, Ayurvedic Style!

Ayurvedic Detox: Spring Cleaning for Your Body & Mind In this class, you will learn: Hands on cooking Kitchadi, the primary meal eaten during the Ayurvedic Detox How to plan your detox according to your Ayurvedic constitution Purifying activities to support the detox Detoxifying herbs to assist the body in releasing toxins   Date: Sunday, […]

Residencies, New and Old Adventures

Greetings! We close this amazing year of 2013, having hosted some forty residencies for artists – dancers, theatre makers, musicians, writers, from BodyArt to Rashaun to the Pan Project to Ruth Barnes to Clare Byrne to living things, and on and on, with great variety of dreams and of actualizations.  There have been showings, and […]

Coming Up!!

“Triskelion Presents the Dragon’s Egg” is coming up!   September 29th: two distinct concerts, one at 4 pm, one at 7 pm.   See the earlier article for more details about it!  and visit the website: There will be seventeen different artists – dancers, actors, singers, monologuists, presenting work.   I look forward to seeing […]

Ayurvedic Detox!! Spring Cleaning!

Ayurvedic Detox Class on 6/2: 12 noon – 4 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg It’s that time of the year again – Spring Cleaning! While we all have the natural urge to clean out our closets & under our beds, it is also the perfect time to cleanse the body. The Ayurvedic detox is a […]