Egg Fees

Use Fee
For individual artists and their companies
This fee is applied each time a group or individual comes to the Egg.  The fee covers the entire group.  
Each member of the group is required to join the Mystic Paper Beasts as a member once a calendar year: @$25.  (January – December)
For a single day or evening:  $70, for the day and evening, 10 am – 10 pm (12 hours): $90
For a weekend: $140  (one night, two days)
For 3 -5  days: $200  (2-4 nights)
For 6 – 8 days  $ 350

For longer periods, amounts would be negotiated. (e.g a 15 day -21 day stay would be $1000 to 1500)

Hourly rates: $25 for the first hour, @15/hour thereafter
Overnights not a part of a formal residency: @ $25

Because of our cleaning responsibilities during covid, we are adding a $25 cleaning fee to help with these costs.

We hope that these minimal fees will be affordable to young working artists, and will make a residency a practical possibility.