Guidelines for Egg Use/Amenities of the Egg

GUIDELINES FOR EGG USE: Cleaning, directions, et al (and amenities, below)


Remember that annual membership is required, and there is a low “use fee” for each time you are in residence.  See the website for updated policies.  Each person in a company will be asked to join as a member ($20 is the minimum annual fee).  We ask that each person fill out a membership form.  


Once your residency is approved,  you must send a $25 non refundable deposit to the Mystic Paper Beasts, 8 Hancox, Stonington, Ct. 06378.  This will be applied toward your use fee upon your arrival.


 LIST of Responsibilities: Upkeep!

We ask that you print this out, and leave it on the table in the Egg upon your departure, checking off each item.   That means you must budget some time for cleaning- allow at least an hour if you have many hands helping.

Remember that the space is run as a cooperative venture, so the maintenance of the space is considered an integral part of every residency,  and is a sweet seva.

Please turn off lights, and any other electric devices, fans, etc: be mindful of your energy use while you are at the Egg, and while  you are out and about in your life. 

Lock all doors as you go.  Leave the key on the nail under the right top tread of the steps to the side door, where you found it.

Please be mindful of the residents in the farmhouse, and keep your noise down after 9 pm.  Also be mindful of their privacy:  the farmhouse and surrounding garden is their home.

needs to be signed, dated, at the time of the residency/workshop


LIST of Responsibilities: Upkeep!


1. Dry mop rehearsal space, then damp mop rehearsal space  (dry mops are in furnace room – blue mop for studio, yellow mop for outer area – be sure to thoroughly shake out; sponge mops for damp mopping – this must be done at the end of your residency)

2. Sweep, damp mop, wash floor, and pick up entry area, dressing room area.  Sweep stairs. Vacuum and dust upstairs.  Damp mop the second level.  Please return furniture et al to where it was.

 3. Clean sinks, toilet, shower, and and pick up bathroom, wash floor.

 4. Make sure all spaces are left clear, empty (relative to the space), clean. Return things to where they were.

 5. Close all windows and doors and secure them; wash if necessary – in fact, wash a few anyway!

 6. Remove all trash, all food, etc.: all of the trash should go to the two large trash barrels at the end of the drive, one for trash, one for recycle (see attached instructions), for pick up.  Do not leave behind the Egg – critters have fun if you do.

 7. Do not touch the heat thermostats.  If perchance you find that the heat was turned up, turn it back down to 50 in the summer, or to 65  in the winter – this monitor is in the dance space itself, on the right hand wall, entering the studio from the kitchen/bathroom.  Alert Marya at 860 535 3346  that it has been altered.  This must be handled by the gentleman who monitors our radiant heat system, which can be tricky.

8.  Laundry:  The Laundromat is in New London:  the Clothes Pin?  It keeps changing its name.., on Ocean Ave, just off of Bank Street.  52-54 Ocean Ave, New London, Connecticut, 06320; 860 443 4421.  Google map it for directions. They open at 7 am, close around 9 pm.   Pre pay, and leave under the name:  Marya: Mystic Paper Beasts.   If this is impossible, leave your laundry at the door by the kitchen, with $40 cash minimum, and I shall take care of it, drop it off etc.  If it is more than that, I would let you know.

9. Replace such things as tea, paper towels,  toilet paper, detergents. etc.  These can be purchased at McQuade’s when you do your grocery shopping.  Plan ahead.

 10. If you use the phone, please leave a cheque or cash to cover.

 11.  Reparation or replacement of any property damaged is the responsibility of the resident/teacher.  Notify Marya (860 444 7247) or Dan (860 961 9439) in the event of any damage or problem.  (Dan is away from late january to late April.)  The house number is 860 535 3346.  You will also find numbers for the plumber (who is also the heat specialist, as the heat is subfloor radiant hot water heat), the oil company, the electrician, if needed, on the wooden cupboard next to the phone.  The Egg phone number is 860 572 4420.  

The accounts will be under the name Dan Potter: Mystic Paper Beasts, 401 Shewville Road.  Be specific about this location as we also have accounts with the same people at our home.


12.  If there is snow, please do shovel a path into the entrance – front, and side, so that you, and no one else, slips.  The shovel is right outside the door, and there is salt inside the door as well. 


 13.  Lock all doors as you go. Replace the key in the lockbox outside on the outside stair post, and your fee payment and forms in the dragon box inside, located at the front of the stair case.

Thank you so much for your grace and artistry.  We hope the Dragon’s Egg has helped you in your journey.


and ~ the Board of the Mystic Paper Beasts


signed:                                                                         date




Be mindful:  A few rules.

Foods must be contained in closed containers, plastic or such, lest we have mouse problems.

We do have the front deck treated, but there may be splinters – do not slide on it.

No smoking.

No drinking of alcohol in the Dragon’s Egg itself.  Outdoors is ok.

NO candles in the studio space.  No burners. Fire marshall says!

Be mindful of volume of music.  There are people living in the house across the field.

 The Egg is not a fragrance free space.

The Egg is not a nut free space.

Children are not allowed except with special permission from the Egg Board. 


No animals are ever allowed inside the Egg.


Please do not use the back massage room table nor supplies.  These are private.


You may walk in the woods up behind Dan’s studio. If you do, cover your legs and ankles and check yourself thoroughly for ticks and such before you go back into the Egg. I don’t go walking in the woods, because I have been bitten thrice by the Lyme tick.

NB:  The Egg is at the end of a field.  Field mice are a happy lot that sometimes find entry into the Egg.  If you see a mouse, we have found that the old fashioned mouse trap is most effective, unfortunately, after having tried peppermint bags, stuffed mice, have a heart traps.  Let Marya know if there is a mouse, and we can work on this together.  There are none at the moment.

The Egg welcomes you, and also welcomes the other uses of the Egg.  Regular classes/events (there are not many – but all are on the online calendar) will continue during your time at the Egg. You may ask the instructor/leaders of these if you might join, and, if so, what the fee might be. The graciousness of all users helps to define the Egg.  The Egg is indeed a sanctuary for creativity, for spiritual pursuit, for dance and for theatre.   Thank you.






Directions and Entry


You are going to the Dragon’s Egg: 

The Dragon’s Egg address is: 401 Shewville Road, Ledyard, Ct. 06339.  Googlemap the Dragon’s Egg at 401 Shewville Road, Ledyard, Ct. 06339

Our mailing address is:  Mystic Paper Beasts, 8 Hancox St., Stonington, CT 06378 


And here are some written directions via 95, if approaching from the South:


I find the easiest route to the Egg is to take 95 North past New London, over Gold Star Bridge, to the very first left exit as you cross Gold Star Bridge – number 83?  84? – the one way over to the Left of the bridge, before you have even gotten off the bridge.


Keep going Straight off the exit ramp, onto Rte 184.   (You will pass Walmart on your left.)


Keep going  straight on rte 184 for about 6 or 6 1/2 miles, until you come to a Light at Shewville Road. 

(You will see a small shopping area to your right with a karate studio and a restaurant that is called Someplace in Time. )


Turn Left on Shewville Road.   Drive about 3.4 miles.   There are two driveways for 401 Shewville Road on your left.   Take the second driveway, past the trash barrels; there is a post box that says 401 and Egg at this driveway.  Turn left at the postbox, into the field.  The Egg is at the end of the field, easily seen in the winter, but hidden by foliage in summer.

(NB: You will have just passed Gallup Hill Rd.  There is a bit of a curve, and a drive way on the lef, and a second driveway on the left – both are 401, but the first one leads to a red farm house, and the second to the Egg.  Take the second driveway, and go directly into the field. Park in the field. )




Information about how to enter the Egg will be provided by Marya once the applicant is approved.



Transportation to the Dragon’s Egg:

Getting to and from the Egg is the responsibility of the artist resident. 

The most convenient way is to drive a car, rent or borrow, as the Egg is some distance from any hub of transportation, and there is little in the way of public transport out here, unfortunately. 

The closest train stations for Amtrak stops are New London, Mystic, Westerly.  New London is closer to NYC, Westerly closer to Boston.   Mystic is the closest to us, but the trains stopping there are few.   Check the Amtrak schedule online. 

There is also the option of Metro North to New Haven, and then getting the Shoreline East to New London.  The Shoreline East has a limited schedule, and is even more limited to New London.  Check online for MetroNorth to New Haven, and then for the additonal leg: the Shoreline East.
There is also the bus to Foxwoods Casino – this is the cheapest way, and the closest to the Egg.   I am not sure from where it leaves in NYC at this point.  It used to go from Chinatown, but I know there are more options now.   Foxwoods Casino is the closest casino, in Ledyard.  The Egg is in Ledyard.   By cab, it is about 10-15 minutes, unless the cabbie gets lost!

Then it will be necessary to take a taxi cab to the Dragon’s Egg.  This will run around $35 from New London, so it is not cheap.

Occasionally, Dan or Marya may be available to pick up a resident at the train or at the casino, but it is best to not rely on this.  


Amenities of the Egg

The Dragon’s Egg is a freestanding, hexagonal building sited at the end of a tree encircled field in the countryside of Ledyard, Ct.  The dance studio space measures 2,000 square feet.   The floor is a sprung floor with subfloor heating. The space is surrounded by windows and mirrors. There are two interior swings. An additional 1200 sq. ft. comprises the entry area, small kitchen, changing room/massage room, single (but large) shower space, single bathroom, upstairs communal sleeping area (there are ten futons).   If your group is large, we ask that you consider renting a port-o-john. 

There are available a television/vcr, an upright piano, cd players and speakers; a few musical instruments – drums, etc.; yoga blocks.  In the kitchen are a rice cooker, crockpot, microwave, convectron oven/ toaster, coffee maker, small refrigerator. There are a couple of plug in burners: these must be unplugged and put away after use.   There are lots of plates, pans, cutlery, et al. 

There is plenty of bedding upstairs, as well as  pillows, quilts, blankets, sleeping bags; and many towels in the back massage/dressing room (bottom shelf under books shelf under windows).   

 Residents are asked to drop off the laundry (sheets and towels) upon their departure,  and to prepay for it,  as described in the Guidelines for care of the Egg.

Residents and presenters are reminded that the space is in regular intermittent use, and residents are asked to respect this use by either by being quiet in the living spaces of the Egg, or by going for a walk, or by vacating the premises at the time of a class to go for dinners, to use the wifi at Starbucks in Mystic, to go for groceries (best local grocery store is McQuade’s), or to go for outings in the area.    

Weekly classes are offered in yoga,  dance (seasonal), hooping.  During the summer there is also a weekly dance sampler class.  There are regular monthly uses of the Egg (Dances of Peace,Kirtan) and various workshops and events that take place at the Egg throughout the year at various times.  Check the online schedule on the website.

Marya also uses the back room for occasional massage clients:  during that time the shower is inaccessible, but residents may continue to work and play in the studio space.

The Beasts use the space for their own rehearsal and training, and occasionally offer public workshops in mask and performance.   There are several larger events each year: the Hygienic Egg in March, Earth Day, the Narrative Event in late June, the NYC Dragon’s Egg Presents concert in September, Tellabration in November, Holiday Bazaar in December, and various galas.  

Other groups regularly rent the Egg for day long workshops.  Some of these are private and will require residents to be absent for the day.  It is important to check the online calendar to see what is scheduled, and to check with Marya at  



 Residents!   N.B.  other classes, while you are here


These are the classes that take place, typically, during the week at the Egg.  Please check the website to see if there are other events or uses of the space during your stay.   We do all share the time and space, and there is often some overlap of use.  For classes, you may remain upstairs et al, just being mindful.  For some workshops, it is necessary to pack up if not move out, and to go off for an adventure,  so that the space is available for the presenters/renter.  Remember also that the back dressing room doubles as a Marya’s massage/office.  While she is there, the shower is not available.   Thank you for being here, and for honouring the other uses as well. 


namaste, marya




4:30 -6:30 pm Marya Yoga

6:15 -8 pm  Hooping






5:30 – 7  Summer Dance Sampler












6-8 pm. Third Sundays – Kirtan


6-8 pm  Last Sundays – Dances of Peace



Check the online calendar for additional events.. 




Use Fee

For individual artists and their companies

This fee is applied each time a group or individual comes to the Egg.  The fee covers the entire group.

Each member of the group is required to join the Mystic Paper Beasts as a member once a calendar year: @$25.  (January – December)

For a single day or evening:  $70, for the day (8 hours: 9-5 pm);
or day and evening, (12 hours 9am -9 pm): $100
For a weekend: $150  (one night, two days)

Longer stays would be negotiated at the rate of $100 per day/night, whether or not the group spends the night.

Hourly rates: $25 for the first hour, @15/hour thereafter
Overnights not a part of a formal residency: @ $25

We hope that these minimal fees will be affordable to young working artists, and will make a residency a practical possibility. 


Hourly rates: $25 for the first hour, @15/hour thereafter
Overnights not a part of a formal residency: @ $25


We have added a $25 fee to help with supplies and cleaning, as expenses have increased post covid.

We hope that these minimal fees will be affordable to young working artists, and will make a residency a practical possibility. 

Use Fee:

We regard institutions (colleges, theatre training schools, etc.) and individuals directly associated with them to be a distinct category, as these institutions generally are economically more robust than are fledgling dance and theatre companies.   The Egg seeks to serve all kinds of artists, and recognizes that some may be able to pay more, some less.

The membership/rental policy regarding institutions (such as Connecticut College, National Theatre Institute/NMTI, Brown University) is as follows:

The applicant and participants must join the MPB at an individual rate (minimum individual rate is $25 per year).  Speak with Marya.

This membership would be in addition to the following flat fees, and would be good for a calendar year (January – December), so a repeat visit would not occasion additional membership fees, but only the flat fee described below.
This fee can hopefully be included in any funding/grants the artists from the various institutions might be receiving.

Single day: $150

Single evening (3 hours max, after that- an extra $15 @ additional hour): $90

Single day and evening: $225

Weekend: $400 (two days and one evening)


Teachers and Organizations offering events, classes, workshops:  The Dragon’s Egg will retain, beyond the use fee, 15% of any income from the event or class, or by negotiation.  





I, the undersigned participant, or parent/guardian of ______________________, have full knowledge of this activity, the arrangements and risks involved, and assume full responsibility for any injury (to body, mind, emotion) or accident which might occur during participation or as a consequence of participation in this activity or event.  I, my heirs and administrators, waive any rights, and also release and hold harmless the Mystic Paper Beasts Theater Company, Inc., their members, officers, and any volunteers associated with the company,  of any injury  and damages, whether direct or indirect, that the above named (in the case of a minor) or myself the undersigned, may suffer in connection with participation in these programs.  I certify that I, or the above named child, is in good physical and mental condition and is fully able, and has permission, to participate in this program.  

I further aver that I have not been in contact with anyone with covid within the past week, to my best knowledge, and that I am in good health.
Should there be a public event, I shall mask if necessary to protect myself or others. 




print name__________________________________tel____________________ 


emergency person and number________________________________________ 







Feedback from Residents 


For our own use, that we may better serve you.


How was the process of application for your residency?


easy ________  suggestions ____________


How was your entry to the Egg?


easy ________  suggestions ____________


How was your stay at the Egg?   Were you able to do the work you had come to do?


easy ________  suggestions ____________




What might have made your stay easier, in practical terms?






We are collecting some demographic data at the request of various granting institutions.  This is optional for you, but might help us to better serve our community.   You will be sent a data collection sheet to fill out.



Contacts for Help



There is a generator that should come on, should there be a power outage.  In this event, sort of power down your use of the various electrical devices in the Egg so you minimize your electrical use, and maximize the fuel available to the generator.


Should there be any problems with heat, oil,

floor heat (plumber, actually, as it is hot water heat)


snow plowing



Here are the relevant numbers.  The accounts are in the name of Dan Potter, though they might also say Mystic Paper Beasts, or Dragon’s Egg, to distinguish from the various accounts under his name.  The address of the Egg is 401 Shewville Road, Ledyard


Oil heat Mystic Fuel: Kevin for oil delivery: 860 204 0400

Furnace maintenance: Bruce Williams: 860 857 6976


Water and plumbing:  

Dick et al. at HJ Smith office: 860 536 7925  

Bill Coyle’s cell: 860 460 6998


Electricity:  David Bell and family  :   860 535 2354


Generator:  Scott Haines :  860 535 3555


AmeriGas- for the propane that serves the generator:  their number is 860 537 5925, and the account is under Dan Potter, general acct # 200437104… The account number that is specific for the Egg/generator, is 100571070.


(If there is still a problem

try David Bell

DB Electiric, above

who help us hook up ours, at home)


Snow Plowing

Ledyard Lewis for snow and field

860 608 7009 ——Kurt Main is the plower:  860 961 8222

2783 boombridge rd.

N. Ston. 06359


if extra help is needed, he has been recommended but we have not spoken with him nor set up anything:   Chuck from the Loftus farm plows :  860 941 2394


Marya cell: 860 444 7247;,; Dan cell:860 961 9439

Marya and Dan home: 860 535 3346