Priscilla’s Yoga/ Lena’s Yoga

Due to Covid 19, Priscilla Yoga is not meeting at the Egg at present, and probably not into the fall. She is, however, offering classes via zoom. Please be in touch with her!

Radiant Kripalu Yoga with Priscilla Humphrey  or  860-608-3731  


Mondays 8:45am- 10:15  (ongoing, contact Priscilla for schedule changes)



Set the tone of your morning &  your week to  awaken your awareness with a beautiful flow of postures, breathing practices and therapeutic remedies to inspire openness, length, flexibility and strength, release holding tension patterns, and nourish the nervous system with calm, relaxed, grounded  clarity.


Class series offered. Drop ins are welcome!  


Lena Collins Poitras: Yoga, Herbs, and Health Strategist

Lena Yoga is not currently meeting at the Dragon’s Egg. Please be in touch with her about her practice, her herbal products, her plans.





5 – 6:15 pm


$15 for a single class


Lena is a Kripalu trained yoga teacher and has practiced many different styles of yoga ranging from Ashtanga to Baptiste. As a result, her classes are diverse in their offerings and are appropriate for all students, beginners and long time practitioners! Come move your breath and your body and enjoy the sweetness of an evening yoga routine.


Yoga found Lena early on in high school. After watching her mom do yoga videos she tried them herself. The experience was so physically different from any other “workout” and so mentally challenging that she immediately knew this was a powerful discipline. Since then, yoga is practice Lena turns to that guides her ability to respond to life with grace. She has been especially influenced by teachers like Bryan Kest, Sharath Jois, Devarshi Steven Hartman, and Meghan Currie. She has explored many different styles of yoga. Her training in Kripalu Yoga allows her the freedom to vary her classes from vigorous to gentle and draw upon the methods of all her teachers. Lena strives to offer a yoga classes that are rejuvenating and challenging and that will challenge all levels of experience.