Support the Egg/Membership and Fees

Mystic Paper Beasts and the Dragon’s Egg are run as a non-profit organization. We depend on your support!  If you would like to provide financial support, donate useful items, or donate time and be a volunteer for the many needs of the Egg, please contact us at


Membership and Use Fee


For Individual Artists or Dance/Theatre Companies

 We ask that you (artist in residence – individual/group) – and any teacher or workshop presenter – become a member of the Mystic Paper Beasts in order that we can have this remain a community of members (required by the town).   

Membership is annual, and is on a sliding scale beginning at $20 for an individual for mouse category, and on up to Dragon!  $100 or more, as you can afford.  

If you are a group, e.g. a dance company, the minimum annual membership fee is either $20 for each member, or, you can select a group level:  

for up to three people: $50, 

for up to six people: $100, 

for up to nine people in the group: $150, 

for ten or more people in the group: $200. 

This fee is paid once annually, so you may return within the calendar year without paying another membership.  e.g. If you join in January, your membership will be good through December of that year.  If you join in July, your membership will be good through December of that year.  

You can leave this membership at the Egg upon your arrival in an envelop (cash or cheque) addressed to Marya, or you may mail a cheque  to   Marya Ursin, Mystic Paper Beasts, 8 Hancox, Stonington, Ct. 06378,    noting on the cheque the residency name.  The cheque should be made out to the Mystic Paper Beasts.  There are envelops in one of the drawers under the phone for this.  Thank you!

You are asked to leave, additionally, a use fee each time you come to the egg (below).

We hope that these minimal fees will be affordable to young working artists, and will make a residency a practical possibility. 


Institutions: Membership

We regard institutions (colleges, theatre training schools, etc.) and individuals directly associated with them to be a distinct category, as these institutions generally are economically more robust than are fledgling dance and theatre companies.   The Egg seeks to serve all kinds of artists, and recognizes that some may be able to pay more, some less.   

The membership/rental policy regarding institutions (such as Connecticut College, National Theatre Institute/NMTI, Brown Univ.ersity) is as follows: The applicant must join the MPB at an individual rate (minimum individual rate is $20 per year, but the artist may join at a higher individual rate, which is better for the Egg!).  

There is then a flat fee for each time the Egg is used by the applicant, if said applicant is an employee of an institution and is bringing students from that institution as a part of the working group.  

Proof of insurance is required.  If no proof of insurance is available, the applicant may alternatively join the MPB as a group so that they would then be under our insurance (as described above).  This membership would be in addition to the following flat fees, and would be good for a calendar year (January – December), so a repeat visit would not occasion additional membership fees, but only the flat fee described below.  

This fee can hopefully be included in any funding/grants the artists from the various institutions might be receiving.

Single day:  $125  (plus use fee: see below)

Single evening:  $50  (plus use fee: see below)

Single day and evening:  $150  (plus use fee: see below)

Weekend: $250  (plus use fee: see below)


Use Fee

Anyone using the Egg is asked to pay a Use Fee.

This fee applies to all individuals, groups, or institutions.  This fee is applied each time a group or individual comes to the Egg.  The fee covers the entire group.

For a single day and/or evening:  $20

For a weekend: $30

For 3 days – week: $60