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Family Holiday Frolicing!

We had a lovely and convivial time at the Egg with a small group of children and parents on the 23rd of December. We ran, played, went high on the swing, painted masks, made music, played games, did some gymnastics, chatted. Everyone went home with little bags of cookies or cakes. It was spacious, masked, […]

Hallowe’en Frolics

We danced, we went on swings, we drummed, we rode dragons and flew on balloons – we had a fine time at the Egg Hallowe’en Dance.   It was attended by a small group of extremely lively small ones and various bigger people, too, and nearly all were in some costume. I hope to see […]

Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts in Residence at the Egg

Matt Garza is an educator and performance artist originally from South Texas. A practicing yoga teacher, Garza is A 5-year company member of New Works/World Traditions Dance Company, a founding member of the God(dess) Artist Collective, and is currently the permanent Dance Artist in Residence at TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts in Providence, […]