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Stress, Fatigue, Nutrition – Free Workshop

Free Workshop on Stress and Fatigue Would you like to have more energy?  Do you feel stressed and off balance?  How would your life change if you had more energy? Come learn about how nutrition is linked to stress and fatigue and how to start improving your health today. March 29th 5:00-6:00 Dragon’s Egg 401 […]

Energy Medicine at the Egg

October 21 Energy Medicine Workshop Presenter: Darilyn Farley, MSW $25.00 per person. All proceeds to the Dragon’s Egg.   Please contact Darilyn for more information, and to register: This three hour workshop is for all individuals wishing to update, and further integrate their experience and knowledge in Energy Medicine. It is a three hour, hands […]

Earth Day! May Day!

Earth Day!   May Day!    with all that implies, will be at the Egg on May 1st, Sunday, from 2 – 5 pm.  There will be vendors, poets, dances, nature walks,  plus we shall welcome Dan Potter home from his winter time away in Hanoi, back to the chilly spring of Connecticut!! full of […]

Turn! the sacred dance of the Whirling Dervishes

The Turn, the sacred dance of the Whirling Dervishes, is a moving meditation and an embodied prayer possessing the most ferocious power. Learning the Turn is a process of spiritual alchemy. It engages all planes of our being and has deep and lasting effects on our whole life. The Turn is a discipline of body, […]

Holiday Bazaar at the Egg!

Please hold the date, and join us! December 6th, Sunday, at the Dragon’s Egg, from 2 – 5 pm. This is an informal and delightful event at the egg, offering all manner of Things and Experience, Poetry, and, of course, great company! I am still seeking more vendors.  There is simply a $10 fee for […]

Somatic Awareness Workshops

SOMATIC AWARENESS WORKSHOP OCTOBER 3, 2015        10:00-2:00 pm   Raising Sensory Motor Consciousness Sensory self-awareness continues to be a missing piece in the field of fitness, aging, and pain relief.    Greater comfort and ease of motion is available to all, now.  Whether you desire to rid yourself of chronic stiffness and […]

Ayurveda Class at the Egg!

Ayurveda, an Introduction with Jessica Ferrol August 5th at 6 pm, at the Egg. This is a part of the Dance Sampler Series, and, as such, is very inexpensive, so that you can be exposed to this wonderful form of balancing and healing the body/mind/spirit. one hour long class@ $12 Pre registration is required, so […]

reiki at the Egg!

  Reiki I and II Weekend at the Dragon’s Egg 5/22-5/24, 2015 OakStar Healers is offering their first Reiki I and II intense study weekend at the Dragon’s Egg in Ledyard, CT.  This beautiful site offers a highly spiritual environment in which to meditate, and a large space to hold groups, classes, and in the evening, […]

Reiki at the Egg

 Greetings,   I thank you for your interest in Reiki.  Below are the class announcements and information you will need to understand what our classes offer.  Please contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you at class.  Please email completed applications to, or mail them to Rev. Dr. […]

Ayurveda and the Mind

Ayurveda and the Layers of the Mind Join us at The Dragon’s Egg Studio, 401 Shewville Road, in Ledyard, CT on January 24 from 1-4PM to explore the Layers of the Mind. Cost is $35   The emotional aspect of ourself is the most powerful determinant in the quality of our life.  If the mind is agitated, the world looks bleak, […]

Ayurveda! Fall for Healing

“Ayurvedic Healing of the Mind”  with Jessica Ferrol   Time: 1-4pm, October 12, at the Dragon’s Egg Cost: $35 Visit   In this class, we will explore the layers of the mind as is explained by Yoga & Ayurveda.  Methods and practices to balance flow of thought and create a sense of serenity will […]

Spring Detox, Ayurvedic Style!

Ayurvedic Detox: Spring Cleaning for Your Body & Mind In this class, you will learn: Hands on cooking Kitchadi, the primary meal eaten during the Ayurvedic Detox How to plan your detox according to your Ayurvedic constitution Purifying activities to support the detox Detoxifying herbs to assist the body in releasing toxins   Date: Sunday, […]

Winter Colds and Flus Begone!

Winter Colds and Flus begone!   Ayurvedic Workshop at the Egg on 1/11 at 11 am   Join us in the kitchen as we learn how to make simple herbal remedies to ease the symptoms of cold and flu.  Remedies include cough syrup, herbal teas and Ayurvedic Churnas. We will also receive hands on learning […]

Ayurvedic Detox!! Spring Cleaning!

Ayurvedic Detox Class on 6/2: 12 noon – 4 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg It’s that time of the year again – Spring Cleaning! While we all have the natural urge to clean out our closets & under our beds, it is also the perfect time to cleanse the body. The Ayurvedic detox is a […]

Hands on Health – the Maya Way

Hands on Health – the Maya Way   The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal TherapyTM   Saturday, January 19, 2013 9:00 am – 5:30 pm   Dragon’s Egg Studio 401 Shewville Road Ledyard, CT     Learn about the History and Lineage of Arvigo Therapy in Belize Learn about the Female and Male Reproductive Anatomy […]