Artist Application/Presenters and Teachers’ Application

Application for Artist Residency


Artists may submit a proposal to Marya at (best), or to

The proposal should include:

  • who you are, performance etc. experience, and how you heard about us
  • the nature and intent of the activity
  • who you will bring
  • any contact/recommending information
  • the desired time period -with a second choice as well.  Check the online calendar to see what is available.
  • proof of insurance if you have this.


This should be submitted in the body of an email.  Weblinks can be included in this text.  Support Documents can be attached, as well.  

Keep it all relatively brief, and simple.

The application is then forwarded by Marya to the Board, who retain the right to accept or reject any proposal without identifying a reason for their decision. The Board will review the proposal, and submit their responses within ten days.  The artist is asked to then be in touch with  (Marya) once again, after the ten days, to see what the outcome of the proposal might have been.   

Some artists may wish to present a portion of a work in progress for public viewing while they are at the Egg, and the Beasts will help to publicize and support this offering.  Thus the Egg will also benefit a larger and unsuspecting community of audience!

Please be sure to check the calendar online ( to see what other uses will be taking place while you are there.  Choose dates that will give you the maximum time to do your work.   Double check with Marya.

Children are not allowed except with special permission from the  Board.

Pets or animals of any kind are not permitted.

Once you are approved, we ask you for a summary paragraph of the project, with some photos, that Marya can put up on the website and on FB.

We also ask that the artist submit to marya a short summary of the experience of being at the Egg, at some point after the residency.  


We request that you acknowledge the Dragon’s Egg in your programs for performance, with language like:  “with thanks to the Dragon’s Egg Studio ( in Mystic, CT for the space and time” (or some such).  This will help us, and will serve to connect the many artists who are, or have been, granted residencies at the Egg.




You will be going to:  

The Dragon’s Egg, and the address is: 

401 Shewville Road, Ledyard, Ct. 06339.


But- our business/mailing address is:  

The Mystic Paper Beasts, 

8 Hancox St., Stonington, CT 06378

Marya: cell 860 444 7247; house 860 535 3346 or

Dan cell: 860 961 9439



Artist Residents: Additional information:

In keeping with the Mission Statement for the Dragon’s Egg, retreat opportunities (residencies) are available to member artists throughout the year.  The space best serves physical artists – dancers, actors, puppeteers, sometimes musicians – though others may be considered.    In order to have a residency, you must be a member of the Mystic Paper Beasts, though membership is not required to apply for a residency.

To become a member, artists must join the Mystic Paper Beasts.  Membership is for the calendar year, meaning that if one joins, for example, in January, one may return as a resident during that same year, and need not join again until the following January.   There are individual or multi individual or group rates, and institutional rates. 

Membership makes the artists co-responsible for the Egg, and also allows the artists to be covered by our liability insurance policy, though we highly recommend that individuals and groups also carry their own liability insurance. 

See “Membership and Use Fee” in the website menu. 

Artistic Residencies typically run from one day to 9 days.  It is the responsibility of the resident to provide food et al for the duration of the stay (more on this under “amenities of the Egg”), to maintain the space neat and clean during their stay, and to clean well at the end of the stay. Guidelines for upkeep are provided once a residency is approved. 

A car is useful, as the Egg is in the country – close to Mystic, Ct. (grocery and internet access – there is no wifi at the Egg –  and gas are a ten minute drive away).  Transportation to the Egg is the responsibility of the residents.  The closest train stations are New London, Mystic, Westerly, from which a cab is required. Investigate Amtrak, or, to New London, a mix of MetroNorth and the Shoreline East, or Amtrak.  The bus to Foxwoods Casino is perhaps the closest.

The Beasts (Marya and Dan) will be happy to help with other questions while the artists are in residence. 

Marya teaches at the Egg and also has a massage office in the Egg, so is regularly in and out, and available to answer questions.  There is a swimming hole off in the woods (ask Dan) which may provide for some summer amusement.   Walking in the woods is fun, but one must be aware of ticks and such and cover up, and carefully check afterwards.  

Dan’s art studio is off to the right from the studio, through the woods.  He is happy to be of help to you.

The Dragon’s Egg  has no funding, but if the artist can include the Egg in any grant applications, that would be greatly appreciated. 

What we offer is Space, and Time.



Application for Teachers and Presenters



Propose a  class, workshop, event, in the body of an email letter to  


Include in the proposal:  the nature and intent of the activity, the qualifications and training of the presenter, the desired time slot, the fee to be charged, the minimum/maximum number of participants, and proof of liability insurance. 


The proposal is submitted to Marya at or to  

This is then forwarded by Marya to the Board, who retain the right to accept or reject any proposal without identifying a reason for their decision.  They will take about a week to consider.


It is your responsibility to then recontact Marya at or, after a week has elapsed.


Once approved, Annual Membership is required for all teachers and presenters (see Membership and Use Fee), 

and the Egg retains a portion of the earned income (15%) or a flat rental rate, whichever proves more beneficial for the Dragon’s Egg.


We suggest that you carry liability insurance, and ask for documentation of this.  Speak with Marya about this, if you have a question.


More information for Teachers and Presenters


The Dragon’s Egg welcomes submissions for classes or events at the Egg. The subject of such workshops must be in the field of the performing arts, or of practices that might support the health and well being of the performing artist.   Workshops that may benefit the community at large may be also considered, and should be in the fields of dance, acting, dream, therapy, yoga, and such.  

The Dragon’s Egg is available for classes and for short term workshops for which the presenter charges a fee. In this case, the Egg collects 15% of the collected fee, or $20 for the first hour and $15 per hour thereafter, (whichever is higher/of greater benefit for the Egg), or per negotiation. Often a flat rate for an event is arranged.  Replacement of goods is required, as is clean up of the Egg.  If the group is large, we ask that the presenter rent a porto-potty.  

Cheques should be written to the Mystic Paper Beasts. 

Remember that this is a dance space, open and empty space, with a sprung floor with radiant heat. No shoes are allowed in the studio. 

 The kitchen facilities are minimal, there is a single bathroom and shower, all of which you may want to keep in mind in your planning for a workshop.

Once an applicant is approved, she/he/they are responsible for creating their own class and for securing their own attendance.  

The Dragon’s Egg is not a presenter, though any announcement regarding a class or workshop will be willingly sent out by the Beasts to our list, and can be posted on the website and on FB.   

Each presenter is responsible for the care and upkeep of the Egg, and for replacement of materials used.   Please see the guidelines for use of the Egg.  

All teachers and presenters must join the Mystic Paper Beasts as a member.  Teachers must carry liability insurance.  Speak with Marya about this if you need to.  

If a member of a workshop wishes to spend the night at the Egg, they may speak with Marya about a minimal additional fee for this use.


The Egg welcomes you, and also welcomes the other uses of the Egg.  The graciousness of all users helps to define the Egg.  The Egg is indeed a sanctuary for creativity, for spiritual pursuit, for dance and for theatre. 


The Egg is primarily a retreat space for dancers and actors, to work on new work, to revisit old work, to devise pieces.  


We have some weekly classes, and  offer various workshops, but we, as the Egg, do not actually produce these workshops.  The workshop presenter either brings her/his group of attendees, or sends out her own publicity and deals on her own with registration and payment.   So, the workshop presenter is, essentially, an independent contractor.  That said, I do send out an announcement with all the attendant publicity to my list, and hope that people will come from that avenue as well.  


OK?  Good luck.  Text me if you need at 860 444 7247, or leave a message,  or call the house at 860 535 3346. 


xo namaste, marya 




Use Fee

For individual artists and their companies

This fee is applied each time a group or individual comes to the Egg.  The fee covers the entire group.

Each member of the group is required to join the Mystic Paper Beasts as a member once a calendar year: @$20.

For a single day or evening:  $50

For a weekend: $85 (one night, two days)

For 3 -5 days: $125 (2-4 nights)

For 6 – 8 days $ 175

Hourly rates: $20 for the first hour, @15/hour thereafter

Overnights not a part of a formal residency: @ $20

We have added a $25 (for weekend) or $50 (for 3 days or more) fee to help with supplies and cleaning.

We hope that these minimal fees will be affordable to young working artists, and will make a residency a practical possibility.