Stress, Fatigue, Nutrition – Free Workshop


Free Workshop on Stress and Fatigue

Would you like to have more energy?  Do you feel stressed and off balance?  How would your life change if you had more energy?

Come learn about how nutrition is linked to stress and fatigue and how to start improving your health today.

March 29th 5:00-6:00

Dragon’s Egg 401 Shewville Rd. Ledyard

Speaker: Cara Joseph

Cara JoseGetPart 1ph is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Nursing. She also holds a bachelor’s of science in exercise physiology from Arizona State University and has extensive training in Nutrition Response Testing and Nutrition from Ulan Nutritional Systems.

After nursing sick patients in the hospital for over a decade Cara wanted to provide a way for people to gain control of their personal health.

Cara helps clients obtain wellness through natural means that work harmoniously with the body. She is a seven time Ironman triathlon finisher and mother of two.


Preregistration required –

To register for this workshop contact Cara Joseph at or (860) 334-3331

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