The Quiet of the Dragon’s Egg


In these precarious times,

Spiderweb3 lindyFines

It is spring time at the Egg!  The field is flourishing, the daffodils have blossomed and 
gone, the grass is growing, the windows are bright, the floor is gleaming.  

EggM daffodil

The space awaits you – but, not yet!  We shall be re opening, with caution, in mid June, depending on local guidelines and restrictions.  We look forward to seeing you then!

Stilt arabesque
Circus Amok

Honoring the work, and the time it takes to do it, and the space in mind and body.

Missoula egg 09
Missoula Oblongata

Meanwhile, Marya is repainting masks, cleaning the bookshelves, the floor, the altogether.  

TigerWHtf The Narrative Project will be in August, and the theme, timely, will be a reflection on Camus’ The Plague.  
We shall be practicing social distancing at all events for the next who knows how long.   Plan to also wear a mask.

Lifeisadream And bring your open hearted selves back, with distance and care, as we go through this seeming Bardo of disruption into transformation.

I send love, namaste, marya

Detail Joan s handdetail, Joan of Arc, by Jules Bastien-Lepage


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