TAPAS in Residence, under Matt Garza

The Department of Dance & Movement Arts at TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts will be on residency at the Dragon’s Egg this month. The Dragon’s Egg has become a sacred space for TAPA’s dancers to reflect, create, collaborate, meditate, improvise, play, and process conceptual work against the backdrop of the Egg’s vitality, healing energy, and pristine nature. Last school year, The Egg inspired TAPA’s Dance Company to create two powerful pieces:
This Spring, TAPA’s dancers will be working a few exciting projects in process at the Egg:
CLOTHING AS A CRIME – an original performance piece (11th & 12th grade) that problematizes the criminalization of clothing in today’s society, particularly in schools and for marginalized cultures. Despite it’s origins as a peaceful and mediating alternative to gang violence, Hip Hop culture is increasingly stigmatized and associated with crime. What does a professional look like? Whose responsibility is it to protect women’s bodies from the male gaze? How can dress be a practice of self-expression and authenticity?
HONORING THOSE WHO RAISED US – an original lyrical dancehall/hip hop piece (11th grade, featuring 12th grader Janivel DeJesus) that explores that challenges experienced by those who raised us. Through interviews, research, and personal narrative, we will be telling the stories of our guardians. This piece is about celebrating those who came before us and honoring the people who overcome hardship to raise and care for children.


METAMORPHOSIS – an autobiographical dance solo devised by Janivel DeJesus (12th grade) that explores abandonment, relationships, destruction, transformation, and emancipation. 
STRANGE FRUIT – an autobiographical dance solo devised by Nyla Walker (12th grade) that celebrates a story of strength, womanhood, compassion, Blackness, and power.


SUBCONSCIOUS – an original dance piece devised by Jovana Gil (12th grade) that meditates on dreams, the prison-industrial complex, and consciousness.
CHAINED TO THE RHYTHM – an original performance art piece devised by Everlee Rodriguez (12th grade) that pushes the boundaries of reality and performance; critiques social rituals and rules; and calls for a sociopolitical awakening.



Matt Garza
Dance Artist in Residence
Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts
158 Messer Street
Providence, RI 02909

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