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Dragon’s Egg Presents

Triskelion Arts, 106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Every year, the Dragon’s Egg presents a few of the dancers/actors/musicians who have been in residence at the Egg during the past couple of years.   We host around 40 residencies a year, and this year, we shall present 8 artists on September 24th at 2 pm, […]

Dragon’s Egg Presents!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                    September, 2014   Press Contact: Marya Ursin  reservations:                […]

Dragon’s Egg Presents – address change!!

Alert!  Alert!   address change!   Please note.  Dragon’s Egg Presents at Triskelion , on September 27th at 2 pm, will be at the Old Location.  (the new place is not yet ready).  If you came last year, it is the same place you were last year.  This is the address where the concert will be:Triskelion Arts118 […]

Dragon’s Egg Presents!

Dragon’s Egg Presents!  at Triskelion, in Brooklyn, NYC, on September 27th at 2 pm.  This will be a concert of dances, theatre pieces, music, monologue, all created by artists who have been in residence in the past year at the Dragon’s Egg.   Tickets are a mere $15 – do come join us!   Call […]

Triskelion Presents Dragon’s Egg!

Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY, will be our presenting venue for Dragon’s Egg artists in the city this fall! This is the seventh concert of Egg artists (seventeen choreographers/musicians/actors/monologuists this year) that Marya has been assembling in NYC for the past – gasp  – seven years! It will be a marathon of a day: September […]