Dragon’s Egg Presents

Triskelion Arts, 106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Every year, the Dragon’s Egg presents a few of the dancers/actors/musicians who have been in residence at the Egg during the past couple of years.   We host around 40 residencies a year, and this year, we shall present 8 artists on September 24th at 2 pm, at Triskelion Arts, in Brooklyn, NYC.  For reservations, please contact Marya at mybeasts@aol.com. Tickets are a mere $15.  If you cannot come, you are welcome to donate anyway! This is how we are able to continue to do this, year after year. I look forward to seeing you!
Shelleyfort 2jpg
The List of Artists

Ara Fitzgerald
Cecilia Fontanesi
Shelley Fort and Caitlin Ryan O’Connell
Kristin Hatleberg
Trina Mannino
Jason Rabin
Marly Schneider
Melody Ward

filmed by Dan Potter
assembled/produced by Marya Ursin, director of the Dragon’s Egg



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