Residencies, New and Old Adventures


We close this amazing year of 2013, having hosted some forty residencies for artists – dancers, theatre makers, musicians, writers, from BodyArt to Rashaun to the Pan Project to Ruth Barnes to Clare Byrne to living things, and on and on, with great variety of dreams and of actualizations.  There have been showings, and there has been retreat.  There has been seriousness and there has been laughter.  Always there have been willing and open spirits, exploring, finding new ways for their voices to emerge.   We are ever grateful to the artists, and to the members of the Mystic Paper Beasts/Dragon’s Egg, for coming, and for making these dreams possible.

There have been workshops, too: dream, hooping, zumba, African dance, Mystery School, Dances of Peace, quarterly labyrinth walks.   There have been Events: the Juliet and her Romeo event in June engaged about thirty performers from near and far as the Capulets and Montagues re enacted the dance of juliet and romeo in various versions, as cats and dogs, as older married couple, as the text deems it.  The balcony scene was a zen moment. 

There have been classes a plenty: regular yoga, hooping, children’s classes.

And, on New Year’s Eve, the space will be left open for meditation, from 6 pm to 10 pm, for you to drop in, at your leisure, to be quiet, to spin, to dance, to sip tea.  

We wish you well in this new year to come.  May we all be peaceful and kind.  May you be filled with well being.  May we all have many moments of happiness.  Much love to you. 


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