Raving Jaynes open showing at the Egg on June 7th at 5 pm

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Please join us at the Dragon’s Egg on June 7th for the beloved duo, the Raving Jaynes, comedic dancer/improvisers who will be in residence, at 5 pm.
Audience members will need to be masked, and we are limiting the number to 20, so be on time!
I look forward to seeing you at this, our first open Dragon’s Egg Presents event since March, 2020!
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Please join the Raving Jaynes for their first live performance since January 2020!

June 7th, 5:00

Hope to see you and celebrate the return of live theatre:)

The Raving Jaynes: Improvised Dance/Theater is a highly physical improv duo that creates spontaneous theater for intimate spaces. Weaving together techniques from clown, dance and improv, the performers, Jamie Graham and Amy Larimer, play between mediums. Movement, text and sound are twisted together to transform what waits in the empty space into sweaty stories. Each performance is created in front of an audience, in real time and no two performances are the same. We believe the practice of improvisation has the power to open us to experiences beyond our habitual patterns of body and mind. In our workshops and performances, we celebrate the release of the secret, strange worlds that move through each of us. Improvisation requires courage, receptivity, listening, agreement and a spirit of play. We aim, particularly in the current climate of polarization and fear, to create a space where these qualities can live in order to illuminate the underlying magic of the everyday. We believe that humor, embodied presence and the energy of live creation can help remind the audience of their own creative potential. The Raving Jaynes perform regularly at the PIT in New York City, teach workshops and are advocates for the art of improvisation as a performance practice. They have been presented at over 30 festival throughout the US and abroad including Mt Olymprov Improv Festival in Athens; IMPRO Amsterdam; the Abundance Festival in Karlstad, Sweden; Big City Improv Festival in Toronto and La 2da Muestra Nacional de Improvisación Teatral/ImproTop in Tepic, Mexico; www.theravingjaynes.com,www.facebook.com/theravingjaynes, @ravingjaynes.

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Check out our YouTube channel to see the video “Snow Exit” we made to keep us busy during quarantine.

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