Falls Kennedy at the Egg

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Falls Kennedy Headshot

Falls Kennedy is so incredibly grateful to Marya Ursin and Mystic Paper Beasts for keeping Dragon’s Egg open for artists and collaborators, most especially this past year.

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Two (too brief!) stints at Dragon’s Egg in October and April have been a true light and haven during my pandemic year. As a 6’1″ tall dancer living in a 7’6″ tall apartment, the height and breath that comes with being in Dragon’s Egg has been a magnificent respite. Also, being so continuously bathed in sunshine is a major perk of staying in Dragon’s Egg, especially coming from the shadowed streets of New York City. The quietitude and peace at Dragon’s Egg is almost unrivaled and (at least for myself) a necessary element for creative play and creation.


During my residencies at Dragon’s Egg, I got the opportunity to work on and dabble in choreography and text for a solo project, From My Grandfather’s Record Collection, for a potential group project, Ode to the Greats: From You Favorite Disgruntled Ex Ballerinas, and a film project, Isolations Trio: The Fake Anti-Mask Dance, Untitled and I Love You: Don’t Drink Bleach. The open time and space offered at the Dragon’s Egg without restriction or expectation is such a treat and has been a distinctive highlight of my past year. I feel extraordinarily lucky to be part of the Dragon’s Egg community.

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