More Masks!

NTI/NMTI Fall 2015 have arrived and are bounding with energy!  and the world now has 34 new masks!   We Beasts (Marya, Dan, Doug) taught a mask workshop on Monday and Tuesday, and whoosh, here you are!

They built their masks, wrote their monologues, collaborated with a performance partner, and performed movement pieces to their monologues.   All this was accomplished from Monday afternoon – to Tuesday afternoon.  Wow.

The students are here, at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Centre, with the National Theatre/Music Theatre Institutes for an intensive semester in acting, movement, voice, music, writing, composition, combat, directing, production, and more! – they work from 7 am to 10 pm in classes, and after classes are out, they do their homework.  This is a seven day a week program that lasts all semester, and is college accredited, so it serves as a semester away from college for those who want to deepen their experience as theatre makers, as forces for theatre, in this bright world of ours.

Nti fall 15 mask

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