The Ravine Jaynes have a Showing!

Amy jamie 2
July 7 at 5 pm at the Dragon’s Egg – a showing of work in progress by the Raving Jaynes!
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The Raving Jaynes: Improvised Dance/Theater is a highly physical improv duo that creates spontaneous theater for intimate spaces. Weaving together techniques from clown, dance and improv, the performers, Jamie Graham and Amy Larimer, play between mediums. Movement, text and sound are twisted together to transform what waits in the empty space into sweaty stories. Nothing is choreographed! Nothing is scripted! For this residency we are working on naming and strengthening the parts of our process that will help us become more consistent in our ability to improvise in performance. This involves a look into how we prepare ourselves to improvise as well as how we can ground ourselves in order to recognize the game we are playing. We are also working to prioritize the movement aspect of our work and discover how different kinds of dances can serve the form. 
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