Ripostes IV

Wednesday, July 10th, at 4 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg, 401 Shewville Road, Ledyard.

Suitable for all ages; by donation.  


A conversation in poetry between Alice Pero and Dan Potter, with flute music by Alice





Dan and Alice have been carrying on a poetry dialogue, each writing a poem that answers the other, every other day, 365 day a year for the last four years. Having briefly known one another as students in the Putney School in Vermont in the 1960’s, they were reacquainted

through poetry at the 2014 school reunion. With no other aim than to write good poetry and inspire one another, they have managed a glimpse into eternity. They perform only a small portion of the dialogue, which at well over 700 pages, is a testament to the joy of being alive. This is their fourth “Ripostes.”


Dan post consco 12


In our dialogue we study ways to glimpse each other, our own selves and whatever

eternity may suggest to us in changing times.

Dan would like to think he is growing as aging brings sudden memories of being very young

and can continue on paths previously abandoned to find forgotten feelings

metamorphosis when written down and edited


Alice will play “Bergere Captive” by Pierre-Octave Ferroud to begin the program, 

and will play  “Jade” by Pierre-Octave Ferroud, to close the program.




Alice Pero is a poet, flutist and teacher. She has created over 20 dialogues with poets. She is the founder of Windsong Chamber Music Ensemble and Moonday Reading Series and she lives in Los Angeles.  This will be her third event of poetry and music and the Dragon’s Egg.


Dan Potter is an artist, sculptor, mask maker, performer, traveller, writer, founder/co-director of the Mystic Paper Beasts and co-visionary/architect, with Marya Ursin,  of the Dragon’s Egg.  His book of poems, Up Scaffolding, was published 1988 by Fast Books, New York and Westerly.  


Hibiscus 16


We thank Alice and Dan for this song of thought and dream and beauty.

We thank you, the audience, for your presence, for your listening ear, for your dreams.  

We thank the Dragon’s Egg for supporting this presentation.


for information regarding the use of the Dragon’s Egg, please contact Marya

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