Amy and Kristy at the Egg this week


Amy and Kristy will be arriving this week for their Dragon’s Egg Residency.  

Come join us!  Amy has a book signing and talk on Saturday from 4-6 at Bank Square Books, in Mystic, Ct!


Here is some information about the duo and what they will be doing in their time at the Egg.   

Youtube Video –

/fôrm/ is a multidisciplinary narrative, exploring trauma through the archetypal hero’s journey.  It will incorporate art, movement, and music in an (autobiographical) story illustrated by mixed media art, and visual media. 


The story follows the exploration of a young woman as she redefines what it means to be “home.” Unexpectedly sucked into the world of trauma, she discovers, the darkest demons are within herself. Embarking on an archetypal hero’s journey, she recreates and forms a new definition of “home” through the lessons learned from trauma. She allows these lessons to illuminate her path give her a gift that she can bestow upon society, and herself. Forming a bold, new identity through art she finds “home” can never be rediscovered but instead reformed through, the expansive freedom of creativity, the universal symbols of myth, and the patterns in the stories all around us. 
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