The Hygienic Egg Breathed, and well.

HygEgg 18 Clare3
It was a wonderful event today at the Hygienic Art Gallery.
HygEgg 18 RobertPalm
My heart was wide, and my eyes full of tears and laughter, by turn, in the presence of the performers’ many ways ofHygEgg 18 Tapa5 entering this, the Poetry of Death.
HygEgg 18 Ara2

I thank them for their poetry, honesty, generosity, their ways of being, here, and now, in the world, offering it all to those lucky ones who were present as our audience, and to those not present, as well.
HygEgg 18 Cristin2

Our next Big Assemblage Event is the Narrative Event, which will be on June 23rd, at 4 pm, (call time 11, run at 12), at the Dragon’s Egg. Hold the date!!

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xo marya
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