of body of body


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Wednesday, August 10th, there was a remarkable showing by the company in residence.   The entire work was viewed from above, and the dancers seemed to have shifted dimensions, as they danced full body on the floor, being tossed by seas, by sounds, moving like salamanders, walking (but prone or side ways), hearing shell sounds, spreading out shimmering blues, all to the score of live music by an extraordinary violinist and a collage of sounds created by the choreographer.  The event was exceptional, and we were fortunate to be present.  This will go now to its premiere in November, in Brooklyn, NY.



Here is a bit about the dance, from Erin Landers, the choreographer, who has been in residence, with her dancers, musicians, and mentors, at the Egg this week:


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“of body of body “of is a movement myth for our times. The loose narrative of the piece follows four performers as they encounter the spirit of human-like water creatures who represent the past and future of the human species. As oceans rise, and adaptation to the aquatic life sets in, they become the proverbial fish they once were. The piece offers an alternative viewpoint of the climate crisis we find ourselves in– a surreal, thoughtful, and compassionate look at humans as the part of nature we have always been: just other bodies of water.

Just so you know, the piece is intended to be viewed exclusively from the upper balcony.

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