Kickstarter is fully funded!!

Moon Hiroshige Autumn flowers in front of full moon 1853

Hiroshima: Autumn flowers in front of full moon, 1853

Sent: Sun, Aug 14, 2022 10:29 am
Subject: Kickstarter is fully funded!! with one day to go…Dragon’s Egg Presents – Yay!

Yay!   We are just past the Full Sturgeon Moon, and –

We are fully funded! and a bit over, with our kickstarter, with one day to go.
Thank you to all the funders!

Ana Tiwathia, Alice Pero, Kate Downie, Gerry Herman, Dan Potter, Dian Parker, Clare Byrne, Kato McNickle, Jen Pytleski, Jane Gardner, Michael Smith, Kitty McVitty, Eva Menon, Ara Fitzgerald, Sandy Laub, Ruth Barnes, Danielle Short, Jane Pearson, Bill Pearson, Linda Jabron, Marty Wakeman.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

xox namaste, Marya and the Mystic Paper Beasts/Dragon’s Egg

MisaFoilcostumes copy

(Misa and foil costumes)

Dragon’s Egg Presents!

We are once again producing a concert in NYC showcasing Dragon’s Egg Residents, – all of whom have been at the Egg since Covid hit, since we closed, and cautiously re opened.

This will be our second year at the extraordinary University Settlement in downtown NY.

There will be 9 performing artists/groups presenting 10 minutes of their work, in a matinee performance – 1:30 pm or maybe 2 pm, on September 24th.

On the programme will be (subject to change):
Lindy Fines/Greyzone
Marta Renzi
Maia Ramnath
Sam Plattus
Rebecca Pappas
Morgan Griffin
Anabella Lenzu.
Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham – Raving Jaynes
Clare Byrne
Jes Wittig

It will be an exciting and extraordinary time!
Please join us!
Thanks so much for supporting this project!

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