Cornfield Dance at the Egg!


CK JT duet back to back


This is a phenomenal opportunity and offering at the Dragon’s Egg!

Do join us on August 23rd, a Tuesday, for an open rehearsal at 3:30, followed by a performance at 4 pm, of Ellen Cornfield Dance, from NYC.

Ellen Cornfield, will be in residency at the Dragon’s Egg (401 Shewville Road, Ledyard) for a few days in August., as a part of a NEST grant which Cornfield Dance, Windhover in Massachusetts, and the Dragon’s Egg, have won!

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They will be performing on Tuesday, August 23rd at 4 pm, preceded by a half hour open rehearsal.

This is an open performance, for all ages. Donation is always welcome, but not required.
Please come!!!

My idea – and Cornfield Dances agree – is to have painters – from the Monday morning plein air group, from the Thursday morning life drawing group – and other local painters and painters’ groups – or yourself?
the artists will come to see the August 23rd rehearsal/performance, not simply in their audience role, but in their drawing painterly one – with an easels if you wish to set up behind the audience,
and to paint them as they move! So, a kinetic exercise for the hand, eye, mind, imagination!

I also invite poets to come, with the same sort of idea – that they write poems or prose as inspired by the movement before them. Automatic writing? or note taking for a future poem? and inspiration through movement.

I then propose to have, perhaps a week or two later, a show of the paintings or drawings, at the Egg, with a poetry reading – so a one day, once only event.

Might this be of interest to you?
Oh, I hope so.

Spring Studios 2019 Baranova 5962

Please be in touch with me, or simply come: Marya Ursin at

Thank you so much,

Co-Artistic Director for the Mystic Paper Beasts,
And Executive Director for the Dragon’s Egg

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