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Nicky project

From Nicky Checker:

This play adaptation was selected by the Dept. of Economic & Community Development, CT Office of the Arts, to be among grant recipients for a performance related project regarding cultural significance in our state.

It is a solo-performer adaptation of a stage play I had written that premiered at the Eugene O’Neill Theater years ago, ELEGY FOR AN ICON … and then saw multiple presentations over time. It was lauded publicly for its responsible and credible adherence to Native & Colonial history regarding the Pequot War of 1637.

The research I did for that piece was massive, and an invaluable asset was Dr. Kevin McBride, associate professor of anthropology , University of Connecticut and former Research Director for the Mashantucket Museum. Dr. McBride also assisted me in the series of features I wrote for The Day newspaper’s Norwich Times (and other Times editions) on the controversial colonial commander, John Mason, whose ghostly presence still lingers.

Given ongoing controversies over the 17th Century Pequot War, and how it still impacts cultural issues, I believe the resurrection of my old stage play — in its forthcoming incarnation — to be a solid vehicle for helping to better inform the public on Connecticut’s earliest roots and the individuals, both Native and Colonial, who planted them.

Thanks to Tamara Dimitri — Program Specialist, Art in Public Spaces & Grants Accessibility Coordinator — for guiding me through the application; Jeanne Sigel of the Garde Arts Center for encouraging the notion of a solo-performer adaptation of my old play (which I hope to also present at a Garde venue); Dr. Kevin McBride for updating me on all his latest historical discoveries via recent archaeological excavations; everyone tribal from this region and those of colonial roots who helped in my research; all cast & crew from our many past productions; the late Arthur Pignataro who believed in my play from the onset and directed it multiple times.

Now, more than ever, I look forward to presenting this work as one that serves a worthy purpose. In ways it is actually a dramatic seminar in which the history is conveyed by a single performer via responsible role playing.

We are honored to say that there will be a private reading at the Egg, preparatory to the public performance in December.  Look for announcements re the latter!

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