Jane Eyre at the Dragon’s Egg

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Summer Narrative Project!
June 23, 4 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg.

This summer will be our 15th annual narrative project – wow!  We began with Dante, have cycled through Faust, Shakespeare, Ovid, and last year – Animal Farm!

This year’s theme will be Jane Eyre.   Woman writer, woman protagonist, good story arc, – enjoy the exploration!
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This is an assemblage theatrical event, with a variety of artists: dancers, theatre makers, musicians, masked beasts, all working on their own, and coming together on the final day.  Marya then “assembles” them into an order, adding “beastie bits” to cover gaps in the story, and we have a show! 
This is a one time only event, rare, unique, = so come to this singular event!


The Event will be on Saturday, June 23rd, with a single showing at 4 pm. 

This is always an amazing time for all – performers and audience alike.

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I look forward to it, and to you coming to be audience.  
Suitable for all ages.  By donation (suggested $5).

xo namaste,  marya

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