Haus of Glitter lights up the egg!

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The Haus of Glitter Dance Company just wrapped part 1 of 3 for our Winter/Spring Residency at The Dragon’s Egg Studio! After announcing the end of our occupation + residence at the former home of Esek Hopkins, commander of the slavery ship “Sally,” this past November 2022, The Haus of Glitter was fortunate to begin our off-season time at The Egg to reflect on everything we created with our incredible audience over the last 3 years and re-ground in our chosen family, care, rest, justice and creative practices as we prepare to open a new chapter.

The Haus of Glitter is THRILLED to announce that we are one of 20 dance companies across the globe to win The National Dance Production Grant from The New England Foundation for the Arts as well as a Map Fund Grant, RISCA Operating Grant, & MacColl Johnson Fellowship to support the development of our activist dance opera, “The Historical Fantasy of Esek Hopkins”! So for the next few months, we will be keeping our studio + belongings in storage while we embark on some travel and off-season projects to connect with and learn from other artists, culture bearers, heritage organizations, preservation activists and community organizers as we design and build national and international touring plans for our activist dance opera and other creative projects!

During our 1st of 3 trips to The Dragon’s Egg this February, The Haus of Glitter facilitated a self-designed retreat to zoom out and get curious about the new guiding questions that we want to inform our process during this time of growth, development and adventure. What have we accomplished so far? What are our dreams? What are our goals? What are our values? How can our process better align with our values? What tensions // conflicts are we moving through and what lessons do they have to teach us? Throughout our process, we rested deeply, support each other’s meditation practice at the creek in the woods, studied restorative yoga, held ceremony for physical + spiritual healing, cooked nourishing vegan meals together, created new choreography, devised new music, facilitated writing sessions, and even caught up on some paperwork!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can support The Haus of Glitter’s work to re-dedicate the racist national monument dedicated to Esek Hopkins, commander of the slavery ship “Sally” and other creative justice + wellness work, visit +

@hausofglitterdanceco on instagram + facebook

Media Credits: Stephanie Alvarez-Ewens, Erin X Smithers, Anthony Andrade



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