Constellation Moving and Movement Alien at the Egg


Maia medea 1 2023

Maia Ramnath & Medea Exogiinos (aka Constellation Moving & Movement Alien) are back in residency this week, moving into new ideas.


Medea 1 2023

While still wrapping up the details of their long-term solo synthesis project– in which each focused in a unique way on locating oneself within the world, individually and together– they’re now investigating what comes next in both those intertwined stories.

Bringing their usual blend of circus, dance and theater approaches, Medea is on the handstand canes exploring the nature of the spirit; Maia is on the rope imagining doors to possible futures.

And – A little poem inspired by Maia and Medea, at the Egg: from the sylvan tongued poet, and sometime yogi, Lana Orphanides!

If only I could
Balance in space as if
There were no gravity
Nothing in this rollerblade world
To bring me down
my legs somersaulting
Through time
Finding some kind of celestial
Wisdom, leaving behind
The ferocious gravity of earth
Oh I would swing and circle
Swing and circle fearlessly
Carefree and dreaming

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