Sacred Sound Opening



Join us for the Sacred Sound Awakening! This Saturday at the beautiful Dragon’s Egg Studio in Ledyard, CT.

This ceremony of Light and Sound transmits Divine Love through a field of harmonic resonance and encoded Sacred Sound transmissions. Deeply healing, nourishing, and replenishing, the Sacred Sound Awakening purifies your energy field of all forms of distortion and disharmony to gently and powerfully bring you back into harmony with your True Divine Essence. Awakening love, peace and wellbeing within you, this immersion in Sacred Sound reconnects you with the innate wisdom and strength that lives within you. Welcome home.

Join me and the sacred harmonics of celtic harp, singing bowls, drum and voice for a journey into the starlight essence of your soul.

Saturday, February 25
The Dragon’s Egg Studio
Ledyard, CT

Pre-registration is required.

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