Dragon’s Egg at Triskelion

Every year, the Dragon’s Egg presents a few of the dancers/actors/musicians who have been in residence at the Egg during the past couple of years.   We normally host around 40 residencies a year, but we present from 8 – 12 artists in the fall, in NYC.  The concert this year will be held at Triskelion in Brooklyn on September 24th at 2 pm.   $15.  Look for more information on this as the time gets closer.  

In the meantime, I shall highlight each of the performers in the next few weeks here, on the website.   namaste, marya



Marly Spieser-Schneider graduated from the University of Michigan in 2009 with a BFA in dance.  Since graduating she has taught, performed, and choreographed work in various parts of the country and beyond.  In Vermont she has been lucky enough to collaborate with many talented artists and has begun to present work under the name “Marly S. Danceworks.”  As she prepares to relocate to New York City she finds herself in a beautiful and fertile place of uncertainty when it comes to her creation of dance work.  The only thing she knows for sure is that the human form and its boundless possibility continues to awe and inspire her. And so she creates, knowing that not ever work is a masterpiece but every work is a piece of a masterful puzzle. 





This quote sums up the basic impulse for all of our explorations in the work”3 to infinity, part 1″: “ Mathematicians say that numbers progress from one to two to three to many.  It is the number three that unlocks the possibility of infinite diversity. Infinite, unmanifested origin is one.  Duality is two.  Duality is the idea or concept of separation, of division, but alone it cannot manifest in phenomena.  Three is a wave, a sine curve, a vibration like light or sound.  When two waves collide a new phenomena is created.  That is the creativity inherent in nature.  Even at the subtlest level, that of vibration and infra-atomic particles, natures built-in wobble sets it on an endless cycle of creation, destruction, and recreation.  From three comes many”

MarlyBacksAll photos of Marly and Co. are by George Bouret.

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