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University Set the Egg and Amazes


Renzi trio1

Dragon’s Egg Presents was Today, at University Settlement in NYC, and…

It was indeed wonderful! A mix of dance and film and music and comedy, dramatic, serious, strong, graceful.
I did not have a chance to take photos, alas, so have only a handful…

Lindy fines

All went smoothly, the audience was enthusiastic (and full house), old and new friends were present.


The University Settlement Speyer Hall was a wonderful venue, and the staff there so very helpful.
We went out for tea and pastries at Ceci Cela afterwards (on Delancy), so the day continued rich and sweet.
This is our first nyc concert since right before covid, and I hope to organize.produce it again next fall, same place, so plan on it!
Thank you for your support.
Happy dark of the moon!
namaste, marya



Dragon’s Egg Presents!! Sept. 24, 2022 at 2 pm

univ set poster 1.pdf

Dragon’s Egg Presents – Program


Thumbnail 14



Here is the working programme! for Dragon’s Egg Presents, at University Settlement, in downtown NYC, at 184 Eldridge St.
For reservations @ $15 please email Marya at mybeasts@aol.com
You may use paypal or send a cheque for pre paid reservations,
or have cash at the ready (or a cheque) at the door.

Or by cheque to the Mystic Paper Beasts, 8 Hancox, Stonington, Ct. 06378.

Dragon’s Egg Presents!
at University Settlement, 2:00 pm on September 24th, 2022

All of the performers have been artists in residence during the time of Covid,
at the Dragon’s Egg, in SE Connecticut.
For more information about artistic residencies at the Dragon’s Egg,
and for the many activities of the Egg and of the Mystic Paper Beasts,
please contact Marya, managing director of the Egg, at mybeasts@aol.com,
and visit the website: www.dragonseggstudio.org.


Programme for Dragon’s Egg Presents at University Settlement 2022

1. Music upon entry by Celestials
Players may include Clare Byrne, Nick Leichter, Amy Larimer, Dan Strauss

2. Film by Anabella Lenzu: “heart beats”
Director & Choreographer: Anabella Lenzu
Videographer and Editor: Todd Carroll
Composer: Geoff Gersh
Dancers: Fiamma Lenzu-Carroll & Anabella Lenzu
AWARDS: Best Artist- Feature Film 2022 at Madonie Film Festival, Palermo/Sicily, Italy (2022), Best Artist Film at the Cine Paris Film Festival (2022), The top 10 dance films at Florence Dance On Screen, Italy (2021), Finalist at FROSTBITE International Indie Fest Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (2021)
3. “Boundary”
Choreography and performance by Lindy Fines
Music composed and improvised by Ting Luo

Encounter #3
Plus excerpts from the journeys of two creatures (film)
Choreographed and performed by Medea Exogiinos and Maia Ramnath
Music: Jan Garbarek, Nordic Raga, Thom Yorke
Videography: Aida Mejia, Emela Puskar

5. “My Body as the Topic Coming Around Again: Vol 3 (Motherhood)” [Work in Progress]
Rebecca Pappas choreographer, with the performer
solo performed by Ellen Smith Ahern

6. “Manufacturing Work”
Choreo: Marta Renzi
Original music: Emily Holden
Names of performers
Alexander Crespo-Rosario, Brooklyn Toli, Alexis Von Maluśki

7. “Amethyst Dreams”
Choreography by Morgan Griffin
Music by Brandon Hilfer
Performed by Morgan Griffin

8. “It Happened to Someone, at Some time, in Some Place”
Created and performed by Jamie Graham and Amy Larimer, the Raving Jaynes
Music by Clare Byrne

9. “On Looking Back”
Created and performed by Ara Fitzgerald
Film by Peter Cunningham
Costume by Liz Prince
Music by Wall Matthews

Dragon’s Egg Presents – tickets available!


Marya barn

Tickets are now available for:

Dragon’s Egg Presents!!!
Which will be on September 24th, Saturday, at 2 pm.

$15 each

at University Settlement in downtown NYC, at 184 Eldridge St.
(Subway directions are below – give yourself time to walk from the subway)

Please make reservations by being in touch with Marya at mybeasts@aol.com.

Identify, in the subject line,
“Univ Set Tickets” so I don’t spam you.

These can be held by either paying via paypal or by sending a cheque.

Or by cheque to the Mystic Paper Beasts, 8 Hancox, Stonington, Ct. 06378.

Pre Paid tickets will be considered reserved, and in person tickets will be first come, first served.
Tickets may be purchased in person at the door (cash or cheque to Mystic Paper Beasts at the door).

There is a limit to the size of the audience:
Seating Capacity: 100 (Riser area seats 50 / Some extra chairs are available for the floor, and people may sit on the floor).
If you Need A Chair, you must come early to secure one. We shall open at 1:30 for the 2 pm show.
Oh- by the way – I am still looking for someone to be my ticket taker – and you will enter for free, heh!

This is a project put together annually – or every other year – by Marya, in which we present a number of artists who have been in residence at the Dragon’s Egg in the recent past – in this case, all the artists have been at the Egg during Covid. We have not had this concert since December, 2019.

For the Dragon’s Egg Presents on Sept. 24, at 2 pm, at University Settlement in NYC, here are the closest subway stops, and then walk to 184 Eldridge St.

B/D to Grand Street
F to 2nd Avenue
6 to Spring Street (though this is the furthest “closest” stop)

xo marya

Maia and Medea at the Egg


Maia medea1

In July, Maia Ramnath and Medea Exogiinos completed the filming for their long-cooking synthesis of dual solo projects on the convergence of our two journeys,

Maia medea2

featuring the Egg as the inspiration and intrinsic setting it’s been throughout the process.

Crucial assistance in photography, videography and inspirational moral support came from Aida Mejia and Emela Puskar.

They hope to launch the finished compilation of videos, choreography and text early next year.

Maia medea3

Stay tuned for a preview at University Settlement on September 24 where they’ll be honored to appear alongside the radiant and capable Marya and other fabulous Egg resident artists.

Celestials at the Egg!


Celestials Rockwood June 27

Sunday, August 28th, at 1 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg!

Do come!! Xo marya

Hello Friends,

Hope you are all doing well in this late summertime, with choruses of katydids and crickets and cicadas — truly sounds of the heavens, to me.

Speaking of which: Celestials are incoming at the Dragon’s Egg this weekend! We are excited and so grateful to be there…
we will be in residence, working embedding/embodying song + dance in our set – please come by if you can, to see a showing of what we’ve been working on! It will be music that moves…

Sunday August 28th
The Dragon’s Egg
401 Shewville Road, Ledyard, CT 06339

The Celestials are: Clare Byrne Amy Larimer, Nicholas Leichter, Dan Strauss


Cornfield Dance at the Egg!


CK JT duet back to back


This is a phenomenal opportunity and offering at the Dragon’s Egg!

Do join us on August 23rd, a Tuesday, for an open rehearsal at 3:30, followed by a performance at 4 pm, of Ellen Cornfield Dance, from NYC.

Ellen Cornfield, will be in residency at the Dragon’s Egg (401 Shewville Road, Ledyard) for a few days in August., as a part of a NEST grant which Cornfield Dance, Windhover in Massachusetts, and the Dragon’s Egg, have won!

DSC0499 CROP12x8 MidsB Lighter Con1 IncSat

They will be performing on Tuesday, August 23rd at 4 pm, preceded by a half hour open rehearsal.

This is an open performance, for all ages. Donation is always welcome, but not required.
Please come!!!

My idea – and Cornfield Dances agree – is to have painters – from the Monday morning plein air group, from the Thursday morning life drawing group – and other local painters and painters’ groups – or yourself?
the artists will come to see the August 23rd rehearsal/performance, not simply in their audience role, but in their drawing painterly one – with an easels if you wish to set up behind the audience,
and to paint them as they move! So, a kinetic exercise for the hand, eye, mind, imagination!

I also invite poets to come, with the same sort of idea – that they write poems or prose as inspired by the movement before them. Automatic writing? or note taking for a future poem? and inspiration through movement.

I then propose to have, perhaps a week or two later, a show of the paintings or drawings, at the Egg, with a poetry reading – so a one day, once only event.

Might this be of interest to you?
Oh, I hope so.

Spring Studios 2019 Baranova 5962

Please be in touch with me, or simply come: Marya Ursin at mybeasts@aol.com.

Thank you so much,

Co-Artistic Director for the Mystic Paper Beasts,
And Executive Director for the Dragon’s Egg

Spring Studios 2019 Baranova 6371

Kickstarter is fully funded!!

Moon Hiroshige Autumn flowers in front of full moon 1853

Hiroshima: Autumn flowers in front of full moon, 1853

Sent: Sun, Aug 14, 2022 10:29 am
Subject: Kickstarter is fully funded!! with one day to go…Dragon’s Egg Presents – Yay!

Yay!   We are just past the Full Sturgeon Moon, and –

We are fully funded! and a bit over, with our kickstarter, with one day to go.
Thank you to all the funders!

Ana Tiwathia, Alice Pero, Kate Downie, Gerry Herman, Dan Potter, Dian Parker, Clare Byrne, Kato McNickle, Jen Pytleski, Jane Gardner, Michael Smith, Kitty McVitty, Eva Menon, Ara Fitzgerald, Sandy Laub, Ruth Barnes, Danielle Short, Jane Pearson, Bill Pearson, Linda Jabron, Marty Wakeman.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

xox namaste, Marya and the Mystic Paper Beasts/Dragon’s Egg

MisaFoilcostumes copy

(Misa and foil costumes)

Dragon’s Egg Presents!

We are once again producing a concert in NYC showcasing Dragon’s Egg Residents, – all of whom have been at the Egg since Covid hit, since we closed, and cautiously re opened.

This will be our second year at the extraordinary University Settlement in downtown NY.

There will be 9 performing artists/groups presenting 10 minutes of their work, in a matinee performance – 1:30 pm or maybe 2 pm, on September 24th.

On the programme will be (subject to change):
Lindy Fines/Greyzone
Marta Renzi
Maia Ramnath
Sam Plattus
Rebecca Pappas
Morgan Griffin
Anabella Lenzu.
Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham – Raving Jaynes
Clare Byrne
Jes Wittig

It will be an exciting and extraordinary time!
Please join us!
Thanks so much for supporting this project!

12sci webb sdene 1 superJumbo

of body of body


Thumbnail 3

Wednesday, August 10th, there was a remarkable showing by the company in residence.   The entire work was viewed from above, and the dancers seemed to have shifted dimensions, as they danced full body on the floor, being tossed by seas, by sounds, moving like salamanders, walking (but prone or side ways), hearing shell sounds, spreading out shimmering blues, all to the score of live music by an extraordinary violinist and a collage of sounds created by the choreographer.  The event was exceptional, and we were fortunate to be present.  This will go now to its premiere in November, in Brooklyn, NY.



Here is a bit about the dance, from Erin Landers, the choreographer, who has been in residence, with her dancers, musicians, and mentors, at the Egg this week:


Thumbnail 6

“of body of body “of is a movement myth for our times. The loose narrative of the piece follows four performers as they encounter the spirit of human-like water creatures who represent the past and future of the human species. As oceans rise, and adaptation to the aquatic life sets in, they become the proverbial fish they once were. The piece offers an alternative viewpoint of the climate crisis we find ourselves in– a surreal, thoughtful, and compassionate look at humans as the part of nature we have always been: just other bodies of water.

Just so you know, the piece is intended to be viewed exclusively from the upper balcony.

Marya will perform at MOAF

Marya MPB skyworld

Marya will be performing for the Mystic Outdoor Arts Festival on August 12th!

The performance portion of the festival will be on August 12 and 13 at Mystic Seaport, as it was last year (for the first time!).

The renowned Mystic Arts Festival will be from the 12-14 on the streets of Mystic.

I shall be on the performance programme on Friday, on the 12th, at Mystic Seaport,  as a part of the Mystic Arts Festival!

It begins at 6:30 pm, and I am second on the programme, so come, and then watch the sun set!

xo Marya Ursin