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Egg and Barn Fire Update



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We are surrounded by messages of love and support from all of you, from the artists of the Egg, from community, from colleagues, from friends – thank you!

And we are also surrounded by a team of professionals who are generous with their time and expertise – the fire department, the insurance companies, the team of people involved in clean up, removal, repair, restoration.   We have engaged Servicemaster by Mason, in Westerly, for this latter work.   The second level is cleared out of debris, rubble, and contents.

Second level is clear

We do not yet know of a settled cause for the fire, though it was probably electrical, in the Barn.   This will come.

We do not yet have an estimate for coverage for the damage from the insurance company – this will come.

We have submitted for the burned car and it was deemed a total loss.  That payment has been already issued.

Mini cooper

Personal contents: I am going to my home insurance for massage and yoga supplies.  Others who were teaching or students for Sonder body mind centering at the Egg, at the Egg, at the time of the fire, have also been told to go to their own insurance companies, and then, after they have run that route, to come to the Egg insurance.

Massage creams oils 2

Yoga thicker blocks


It is a process.   There is much loss, and much lightness.   We can dance in the sky!

And keep our fire in the fireplace!

Fire in fireplace


We see the moon, and can look via a camera obscura nifty box at the eclipse.


Camera obscura1

And we go on.

We wish you well!

Happy April, namaste, marya, for the Beasts and the Egg.  May colors abound!

Coloured eggs


Fire at the Beast Barn and Dragon’s Egg

Barn 1

The Beast Barn is cinders.

 I just wanted to let you know that all classes, events, residencies, at the Egg will need to be postponed for the next few weeks, maybe months.
Dragon s egg 1

There was a strong fire Sunday, March 24th, afternoon. The Beast Barn is gone, utterly, and Dan’s car a husk.
 The side and front of the Egg suffered quite a bit of damage, but it is reparable. The interior is a mess, and most everything will need to be trashed.  Walls and floors will need to be replaced.  

The Egg, thus, cannot be used for now, for the next however long.


Dragon s egg interior 2

We have had to board it up to prevent further weather and critter damage.  The place is generally off limits, and has yellow tape at the end of the driveway.

Dragon s egg interior 1

 It will take time, one step at a time.
 As the Chinese proverb says: “My barn burned down. Now I can see the moon.”
 Well, it is no longer a metaphor!


Boddhisattva avalokiteshwara in water moon form 11th c China Met
No one was hurt, and the damages will hopefully be recouped.
 Breathing in peace…
I send love, marya

Nicky Checker and Local Playwrights at the Egg!

Nicky playwrights

On Saturday, Jan. 20th, there was a performance of “Exploratory Playwriting”.  

Nicky play1

The program featured scripts deemed “One Character Wonders” from classes taught by Nicholas Checker at the Thames Club in New London, in coordination with the Garde Arts Center and Flock MakerSpace.  Each script presented an emotions tour de force in which a single character, caught in a state of angst, struggled with the source of that angst, and finally resolves it, for better or worse, while speaking directly to the audience.  

Playwrights included in the presentation were: Henry Stebbines, Jr., David Hamilton, Jo Ann Gallant Brown, Ellen Dahl, Peter Yackovetsky, Thelma Marie Waterman, Pam Barber, and were self performed, or performed by actors Adriana Medina, Darla Allen, Jo Ann Galat Brown.

Nicky play3

The event was well attended and warmly received.   Nicky hosted a party afterwards for one and all.



Maia and Medea at Theatre for a New City



This is a tale of two travelers, told through a blend of aerial, dance, contortion, text and video.

One is on a quest to find a place in the world through responsibilities to history, moving from alienation to purpose and meaning.

One is on a quest through the wilderness of the psyche, moving from mental health crisis to healing and recovery.

Each traveler becomes a witness to the other’s journey, first from a distance, then closer and closer, until the paths converge.

Each course changes the other, along with all that we carried with us to that meeting place. Who am I? Where do I fit? Why am I the way I am? Why is it the way it is? The big picture and the inner landscape need each other to be whole. We help each other bear the things we carried.

The path continues forward, together.


a tale of two aliens (our bio)

Partners in life and art, Maia Ramnath and Medea Exogiinos have been creating and performing together for 6 years. They are best known for their normalcy and mass appeal. You may be familiar with the world famous Glassrcize TM method which they founded in 2019. Future multidisciplinary collaborations will include music recording, choreography, writing, alien care brochures, and channeling the spirit of Isadora Duncan’s lesser-known brother Raymond.

For more information: www.movementalien.com, www.constellationmoving.com, www.conjunctionshow.com



Skytails at the Waterford Library, Friday, November 10th, at 2 pm



Skytails at the Waterford Library, Friday, November 10th, at 2 pm

Tellabration has begun!  Tellabration is a  celebration of storytelling throughout the state, organized by the Ct. Storytelling Center, located in New London.

The tales told by the Mystic Paper Beasts Theatre Company are original or traditional folk stories, expressed through humor and movement, in witty and whimsical handmade masks. These performances have delighted audiences of all ages and many nationalities, from Scotland to California, but primarily in the North East of the US, in sites such as museums, libraries, schools, festivals.

The performer for SkyTales is Marya Ursin, yogi/dancer, artist, writer, director.
About SkyTales:

Many of the stories from the Native American tradition are both mysterious and fun, and often involve animal protagonists. The Mystic Paper Beasts weaves a number of these stories together, using masks, puppets, and movement.

Today, Marya will be telling (with the help of the audience) the stories of

Wolf and Coyote (Miwok)
Skywoman (Onandaga)
Scroll Story: Sun’s Daughter (Cherokee)

There will be time afterwards for question and answer.
This performance is appropriate for family audience, and is aimed toward a K-4 crowd.

Marya has written a story book, illustrated by herself and by her husband and co performer, Dan Potter, also called SkyTails – based on this performance.


We Beasts shall continue to celebrate Tellabration with a performance at the Dragon’s Egg on Sunday, November 19th, at 4 pm, at which an array of tellers will create worlds of the imagination, for you, the listeners, that you may then continue with your own story!

Dragon’s Egg is located at 401 Shewville Road in Ledyard.  Come to this, as well!   

These are two very different programs.

Blessings and Peace on your day!

Tellabration!! At the egg on November 19th at 4 pm


Aarya garden wide arms


The annual state wide celebration of storytelling!  

The Dragon’s Egg will be the site for storytelling, as a part of this statewide event, on November 19th, at 4 pm.

I have, as the official tellers, from the Ct. Storytelling Center,
Stephen Long

John Melmed


I also have local tellers
Serena Judge
Eric Larsen
and, if there is time, Mystic Paper Beasts.

Car show

This will be a wonderful exploration into international and personal narratives, and is appropriate for all ages.   Come a bit before 4, and stay after to socialize, to swing, to slide around on the dance floor, as we all make new stories and friendships, along the way.

I feel that stories have the power to heal.  Come join us.

In honor and love, marya



Stephen Long



John Melmed

Holiday Sale at the Egg


Cartoon cat


The annual Holiday Bazaar at the Dragon’s Egg
(401 Shewville Road, Ledyard: http://www.dragonseggstudio.org)

will be on Saturday, December 2nd, from 1-4 pm.

We usually have vendors of soaps, clothing, art work, jewelry, books, jams, knitwear, and more, and would love to have You as a vendor!

The cost for each vendor is a mere flat fee of $10.
You must bring your own table, and something to go under the feet of the table like a rug, or four face cloths – that sort of thing (it is a dance floor and needs to be protected). We have a number of folding chairs available for use.

Load in will be around noon on the day in question, though you can arrange with me another time, if need be.

Please share this invitation to other crafts/artist vendors, and also with your customer friends!

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

namaste, marya

Dragon’s Egg Presents was a Thing of Beauty and Breath



The annual performance I present in NYC of dancers, actors, musicians, who have been in residence at the Dragon’s Egg in the past year, or two, was this past Saturday, Sept. 23rd, at 2 pm, at University Settlement’s wonderful Speyer Hall.

Our lighting designer was Emma Rivera and our stage manager was LD Kelley. Ticket takers were Aarya Tiwathia and her friend, Mia Gomez. (and me). Dan was our able videographer.

The performers – oh the performers – were wonderful!
I celebrate them, and the art that we all love, and love to share.
Thank you to the Kickstarter supporters and to the sold out audience!

May we walk in peace and kindness.
I look forward to seeing you, whenever that may be.

xo namaste, marya


1. ”Pre-show musical act”The Celestials: Clare Byrne Amy Larimer, Nicholas Leichter, Dan Strauss

2. “BECOMING” (film)
Anabella Lenzu

3. “LIFELINE” Alison Cook Beatty Dance.

4. “Como Las Hortensias: An Excerpt”. Amelia Rose Estrada

5. “Things that aren’t there” TINATA: Brynne Billingsley, Elizabeth Corbett, Penelope Freeh

6. “Forgive Her, Hera” Garet Wierdsma

7. “bouquet” (excerpts) Catherine Messina, rogue wave.

8. “Ode to the Greats: from your favorite disgruntled ex-ballerina”. Falls Kennedy

9. jill sigman/thinkdance

10. “Pilgrimage” (film) Ara Fitzgerald



National Theatre Institute makes Masks!

Mask group in movement

NTI masks almost two weeks ago now – were great! This was our first time returning to building masks, monologues, movement pieces, since covid, so it was thrilling and so rich.   The creations were amazing and hugely varied.   What a lovely group of students.

xo m


Nti brooms

Stonington Art Walk on September 17



Marya will be roving as a Mystic Paper Beast for the Stonington Art Walk on Sunday!  Dan will be sitting at the Merrill House with his critters.   Do come – I’d love to see you.  Xo m

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