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Erin Landers at the Egg: of body of body

Landers Erin01 jpg


There will be a showing of work by Erin Landers and dancers
on Wednesday, August 10, at 5 pm,
at the Dragon’s Egg!
Please come join us..

From Erin Landers, who will be in residence at the Egg:

“of body of body” of is a movement myth for our times. The loose narrative of the piece follows four performers as they encounter the spirit of human-like water creatures who represent the past and future of the human species. As oceans rise, and adaptation to the aquatic life sets in, they become the proverbial fish they once were. The piece offers an alternative viewpoint of the climate crisis we find ourselves in– a surreal, thoughtful, and compassionate look at humans as the part of nature we have always been: just other bodies of water.

Just so you know, the piece is intended to be viewed exclusively from the upper balcony.


Fabled Celebration Soared in the Heat


Thumbnail 4

A lovely and playful exploration of fables, myths, and morals, by actors, dancers, puppeteer marionettistes, and hoopers!   


Aesop hoop

A Fabled Celebration of Tales (and of birthday Dan)


Aesop clare1

You will hear tell of (possibly not in this order)
“The Farmer and his Son bringing their Mule to Market!” From Nicky Checker
“Hare and the Tortoise”. From Beth Mitchell
“The Snow-drop and the Primrose” from Serena Judge
“The Foxes and the River” from Clare Byrne
The Phoenix marionette flies from Bobbi Nidzorski
“Le Corbeau et le Renard”. From Marya Ursin

Assembled by Marya.

Here is what one of the performers, Nick Checker, remarked.  

Aesop nicky

Sunday marked the annual summer theatre presentation at the dazzling Dragon’s Egg in Ledyard, directed by Marvelous Marya Ursin of the Mystic Paper Beasts — against the backdrop of an outdoor woodland setting — where we all performed select Aesop’s Fables to a highly appreciative audience that embraced our work. They even forgot about the steaming heat. Yes, the show was that good! This magical event also celebrated the birthday of Dan Potter, an artist and a human being who graces this world with his very presence. So grateful to have participated again with all of the gifted individuals there who comprise an amazing ensemble!

Aesop blueflowers

Mystic Outdoor Arts Festival


Marya vase2


August 12th and 13th!! and I shall be on the programme on the 12th, at Mystic Seaport, as a part of the Mystic Arts Festival!
I hope you can come!
xo Marya 


Fables Afoot!



Come join us Sunday!

August 7th, at 1 pm,
At the Dragon’s Egg,
401 Shewville Road, Ledyard

For the Fables Project!
A visiting of a handful of fables by Aesop and others,



To be followed by croquet, bacci,
perhaps a picnic (bring your own),

all followed by Birthday Cake for Dan Potter!
Contact Marya at mybeasts@aol.com for more information


Mouse at toad


Otter and policeman

Dragon’s Egg Presents Kickstarter!

Swim marya5 22b

There is a kickstarter afoot!

Dragon’s Egg Presents! We are once again producing a concert in NYC showcasing Dragon’s Egg Residents, – all of whom have been at the Egg since Covid hit, since we closed, and cautiously re opened.

This will be our second year at the extraordinary University Settlement in downtown NY.



There will be 9 performing artists/groups presenting 10 minutes of their work, in a matinee performance – 1:30 pm or maybe 2 pm, on September 24th.

On the programme will be (subject to change):
Lindy Fines/Greyzone
Marta Renzi
Maia Ramnath
Sam Plattus
Rebecca Pappas
Morgan Griffin
Anabella Lenzu.
Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham – Raving Jaynes
Clare Byrne
Jonah Udall perhaps

It will be an exciting and extraordinary time!
Please join us!
And please help to make this happen by donating to this kickstarter.

Thanks so much for supporting this project!
xo marya


Dan beach

Hoxie Show has one more week

Hoxie 22 challenge

July 21, 2022

Dan’s show is up for one more week at the Hoxie Gallery, which is the large gallery on the second floor of the Westerly Library.

Hoxie 22 dan and obama

It is open during Library Hours. (M-Th 9-8, Fri 9-6, Sat. 9-4, closed Sunday).
Do come!
xo marya

Photos are by Katie Hall-Risko


Hoxie 22 supplicant

Cornfield Dance and a NEST Grant!

A NYC dancer/choreographer friend of mine, Ellen Cornfield, will be in residency at the Dragon’s Egg (401 Shewville Road, Ledyard) for a few days in August., as a part of a NEST grant which Cornfield Dance, Windhover in Massachusetts, and the Dragon’s Egg, have won!

They will be performing on Tuesday, August 23rd at 4 pm, preceded by a half hour open rehearsal.

My idea – and they agree – is to have painters – from the Monday morning plein air group, from the Thursday morning life drawing group – and other local painters and painters’ groups –
Come to see the August 23rd rehearsal/performance, not simply in your audience role, but in your painterly one – with your painting supplies, easels if you wish,
and to paint them as they move! So, a kinetic exercise for the hand, eye, mind, imagination!

I also plan to invite poets to come, with the same sort of idea – that they write poems or prose as inspired by the movement before them.

I then propose to have, perhaps a week or two later, a show of the paintings or drawings, at the Egg, with a poetry reading – so a one day, once only event.

Might this be of interest to you?
Oh, I hope so.

Please be in touch with me: Marya Ursin at mybeasts@aol.com.

Thank you so much, Co-Artistic Director for the Mystic Paper Beasts,
Namaste, And Executive Director for the Dragon’s Egg


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Dan’s Opening was Great

Dan opening in front


Dan’s opening last night, at the Hoxie Gallery in Westerly Library, was wonderful – well attended, with many friends, much interest in the work. It was a grace filled time, full of conversation and study/


Dan opening medea maia

And yes, Dan is feeling much better – needs to rest and to keep drinking water (please!), but definitely on the upswing.
A number of sales helped to buoy Dan’s feelings as well! heh.

Dan fishing for

The show is up until July 28th – so stop by sometime, during Library hours, and visit. Do sign the visitor’s book. And be in touch if something strikes your fancy that you might like to purchase!
I hope you are enjoying this lovely day.
namaste, marya

Dan’s Solo Show opens on July 6th


Dan mouse america



Wednesday, July 6
from 5 – 7
Mouse America
welcomes you to the opening of
Dan’s July Art Show
Peace from Pieces
at the Hoxie Gallery
in Westerly, RI


Dan conversion

from flotsam and jetsam
Dan has assembled
a group of new friends 
for you to visit this month


Dan fishing for

in the marvelous and enormous
Hoxie Gallery
above the Westerly Public Library
in the center of town
Library hours are
Monday through Thursday 9 am – 8 pm
Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-4
Sunday closed

Dan library


hope you can find your way there
and if you want to reach Dan
for stories about the creatures
just call him at 860 961 9439 
or leave a text 

Stonington Gardens by the Sea


Gardens cat dressing

It was lovely – on Friday, performing in the Como Children’s Garden – where children plant, tend, cook, and eat!, and then in front of the Library in Stonington, where Beasts rambled and cavorted variously with those who were in attendance at the Stonington Garden Club’s Gardens by the Sea event.


Gardens como sign

By the grace of a grant Marya wrote back in January, appealing to the Town of Stonington, the Mystic Paper Beasts and poets were able to collaborate with the Garden Club, offering bright moments of glee, mystery, curiosity! And Marya was even able to pay everyone!
Some came for both days, some for one.

Gardens serena


Beasts and poets included:
Dan Potter
Jakub Margosiak
Leah Moriarty
with her little Zaia
with her little Maya
Jessica Cerullo
Valia Cerullo
Sarah Page
Lana Orphanides
Sandy Laub
Joanne Sheehan
Seamus Gaumer
Serena Judge
Marya Ursin


Gardens mallow

A couple of people were ill last minute, but we had a full cast of happy rovers and poets! The poetry ended up being more performative, and, while some poems simply floated into the air, others caused pause and attention.
Costumed as various beasts, I had many animated and sometimes philosophical, sometimes downright silly, conversations with many.
Some performers were wildly physical, others were quiet.

Gardens lana persephone


All in all- it was wonderful.
I thank the Stonington Garden Club, the Town of Stonington (in the form of Jeff Callahan and board), and all the performers, and all who attended, from wee 3-5 year olds in the Como garden, to the range of garden enthusiasts.

Gardens leah jabberwocky


Ahhhh, breathe… lovely.

namaste, marya