Use Fee and Membership Fee

Membership is required of anyone using the Egg for any purpose. The minimum rate is $20 per person, per calendar year (January – December) and need only be paid once in that year.

Use Fee

For individual artists and their companies

This fee is applied each time a group or individual comes to the Egg.  The fee covers the entire group. Each member of the group is required to join the Mystic Paper Beasts as a member once a calendar year: @$20.

For a single day or evening:  $40
For a weekend: $75 (one night, two days)
For 3 -5 days: $100 (2-4 nights)
For 6 – 8 days $ 150

Hourly rates: $20 for the first hour, @15/hour thereafter

Overnights not a part of a formal residency: @ $20

We hope that these minimal fees will be affordable to young working artists, and will make a residency a practical possibility. 

You may donate, or pay your membership, or use fees, via pay pal:,
or by cheque to the Mystic Paper Beasts.

Use Fee: Institutions: Membership

We regard institutions (colleges, theatre training schools, etc.) and individuals directly associated with them to be a distinct category, as these institutions generally are economically more robust than are fledgling dance and theatre companies.   The Egg seeks to serve all kinds of artists, and recognizes that some may be able to pay more, some less.   
The membership/rental policy regarding institutions (such as Connecticut College, National Theatre Institute/NMTI, Brown University) is as follows: The applicant must join the MPB at an individual rate (minimum individual rate is $20 per year).

The flat use fee is not additionally applied to these institutional fees.

Proof of insurance is required.  If no proof of insurance is available, the applicant may alternatively join the MPB as a group so that they would then be under our insurance (as described above).  
This membership would be in addition to the following flat fees, and would be good for a calendar year (January – December), so a repeat visit would not occasion additional membership fees, but only the flat fee described below.
This fee can hopefully be included in any funding/grants the artists from the various institutions might be receiving.

Single day: $125
Single evening (3 hours max, after that- an extra $10 @ additional hour): $75
Single day and evening: $175
Weekend: $275 (two days and one evening)

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