University Settlement Dragon’s Egg Presents

Univ set 19 lesleyLesley Farlow in Flight Patterns

It was amazing and glorious, our concert at University Settlement, featuring performances by Egg residents selected from the past two years: Clare Byrne, Nick Leichter, Amy Larimer, Jamie Graham, Ara Fitzgerald, Brynne Billingsley, Amy Larson, Lesley Farlow, Jason Rabin, Claire Porter, Lindy Fines, Breckym Drescher, Rachel Gill, Chelsea Hecht.  

We found the dance space at University Settlement and the staff and technical support to be wonderful.  Do check out Univ Set for all the good work they do in the community, and for their historical significance and presence in NYC.

It was a sold out performance, a full house of fine and warm friends, audience.

I thank everyone involved, everyone who was present.  May we all walk in peace.  

xo marya

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