University Set the Egg and Amazes


Renzi trio1

Dragon’s Egg Presents was Today, at University Settlement in NYC, and…

It was indeed wonderful! A mix of dance and film and music and comedy, dramatic, serious, strong, graceful.
I did not have a chance to take photos, alas, so have only a handful…

Lindy fines

All went smoothly, the audience was enthusiastic (and full house), old and new friends were present.


The University Settlement Speyer Hall was a wonderful venue, and the staff there so very helpful.
We went out for tea and pastries at Ceci Cela afterwards (on Delancy), so the day continued rich and sweet.
This is our first nyc concert since right before covid, and I hope to organize.produce it again next fall, same place, so plan on it!
Thank you for your support.
Happy dark of the moon!
namaste, marya



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