The Odyssey that Was

Odyssey from beyond

The Odyssey that Was

A week has passed, and I think of the stories we told, all dangled from Homer’s tale of journey and adventure and impediment to progress and loyalty and blood and bondage of various sorts and transformation and magic and love.

Sally greek map
The players made such a rich time for all – for each of us performing, and for the audience.  
Clare circe

I love continuing to look into the suitcase of the memory of that singular performance, and finding new and novel moments, and re caressing others.

RM penel umbrella and Dan ody
I thank you so much, players, and audience, and those who are on their own journeys and may not have been able to be present.

Leslie f 2

And I look forward to next summer’s narrative project!!

Cast bow
(and to other events in between!
(Nadine showing today, Hip Hop on Wednesday this week, Dan and Alice in a poetry exchange on July 10, for example)
Nadine caleb by Jeff Teitler1

xo namaste,

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