Tellabration!! This is the Programme


Nov. 14, 2021, Sunday, at 4 pm,
in person, at the Dragon’s Egg.
Suitable for all ages!
(You will remember that last year, we were on zoom!)

The Egg is participating, as it has for many years, in the statewide event of Tellabration, which is organized by the Ct. Storytelling Center, which now has new offices at the Thames Club in New London.
Our program includes an experienced teller from their roster, Steve Long, and local story tellers, poets, and dream makers!

We thank the tellers, and you, the listeners, without whom the dreams would not be complete.

Audience: please mask and sign a waiver.
Performers are all vaccinated, and may unmask, keeping their distance from the Audience.

Progamme Order

Elaine Bentley Baughn: ”Washed Away”
Elaine Bentley Baughn is a semi-retired therapist, author of 5 Rules for Drama-Free Living, trivia buff, and poet.


Carl Peruzzotti. “The Voyage of the Bluebird”
Carl Peruzzotti is an avid sailor, boater and aficionado of all things nautical. When on land, he lives in a seaside cottage in Noank, Connecticut. The story he will tell is one he first heard as a boy while attending summer camp in New Hampshire. It is from a collection of stories called “Tales from Down East,” which celebrate the unique brand of Maine humor.


Jessica Cerullo. “The Ships in the Night”: pandemic inspired poems for the public
In a one-on-one encounter in a public space, Jessica invites a stranger to reflect on the pandemic and to share what they have lost, gained, and learned that they don’t want their community to forget. The result is a co-authored poem.
Jessica lives in Stonington. Her storytelling aims to acknowledge and uplift the creative individuality within all of us and to reveal the poetry in the every day. Her socially and civically engaged art is grounded in oral and written histories and the people who seek their interpretation and uses a variety of somatic and contemplative practices that seek to build community connections and capacities for empathy.
She earned her MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University and is a graduate of the National Theater Institute USA, and Moscow. Jessica lives in Stonington and serves as a board member of the Mystic Paper Beasts.

Jessica cerullo

Steve Long: Donguri to Yamaneko – Acorns and Wildcat
Original Japanese language story by Mr. Kenji Miyazawa
The telling is a mix of Kenji Miyazawa’s Japanese language original and English language translations by C.W. Nichol and Steve Long.
Steve Long lived in Japan for 11 years and performed in Japanese with Japanese actors and musicians for more that half that time. Using his unique “Champon” style, mixing English and Japanese, he hopes to bring the excitement of understanding the world in two very different languages to those who gather to hear him.


Eric Larson: “A Not So Shaggy Dog Story”
Eric Larson is a transplanted Californian by way of England, and has been in Mystic for nearly forty years. (It just dawned on him that his children are legit New England Yankees.) He dabbles in gardening, birding, photography, eating and procrastination.


Dan Potter: “The Heedless Horseman”
Dan Potter is a sculptor, painter, mask maker, performer, poet, co director of the Mystic Paper Beasts, co creator of the Dragon’s Egg.

Dan beach

Marya Ursin, your MC today and the organizer of this event, is a dancer, mime, yogi, writer, performer, co director of the Mystic Paper Beasts, and executive director of the Dragon’s Egg.

Marya yay

May our stories rise like smoke from the peace pipe, connecting us all.

Donations are always welcome, and may be done in person in a basket, or via paypal or cheque.
Or by cheque to the Mystic Paper Beasts, 8 Hancox, Stonington, Ct. 06378.

Thank you!

Thank you, for being an Audience to the sacred smoke of the stories, for your own stories, for your donations – which allow us to continue to present and to host tellers of all sorts; thank you to CSC and all who help to organize this event, and to keep stories roaming the dream worlds; and especially we thank the tellers today, who give of their stories, their time, their imagination, to be present here with us.

We honor the Mashantucket and Pequot Indigenous Peoples upon whose ancestral homes the Dragon’s Egg stands.

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