Tara Ocon and Dancers in Residence

Tara Ocon arrived for a residency at the Dragon’s Egg on February 14th.  Yay.

Here is a bit more about the project and the participants:

Tara O’Con – Rachel Berman – Lia Bonfilio – Giulia Carotenuto – Kelly Garone

We are a group of female artists and performers who are interested in sharing creative space to work on solo practices that are informed by our collective creative energy and generous female spirits. 


We propose that by working this way, we when can both stimulate our individual inquiries while deepening and strengthening our shared female voice. 


The Dragon’s Egg, with its light and peaceful solitude, and capacity for generous shared space, is the perfect environment for this level of intimate and open creative support. In this space, we can nourish not only our individual creative processes, but also begin to shed light on how we, as an energetic force and bolstering communicative support system, can empower and impact our community despite obstacles driven by our current political climate. 


We are looking at this time together as potential to hold both physical, ritual, and meditative exploration for ourselves, as well as an opportunity to gather as a collective think tank that will question what actions we can take to move forward.

How can we advocate in our society as strong, creative, emotionally mature, intellectual women?


Our shared interests and solid bond is informed by years of performing together in Third Rail Project’s experiential theater production, Then She Fell (now in its fourth year); wherein we have each developed and harnessed strong awarenesses and sensibilities around what it means to foster empathetic and reflective connections among people from all walks of life. It is this openness and vulnerability; the ability to actively listen to our environment, to really see each other, and allow ourselves to be seen- that we seek to manifest outside of the realm of performance and apply as a point of inquiry into how we can strengthen and impact our creative practices, our relationships, our daily lives, and our global citizenship.

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