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SHE // FEMME // THEM – TAPA Dance Company

Last weekend, TAPA’s Dance Company continued their residency to rehearse and devise their upcoming performance, “SHE // FEMME // THEM” – a devised multimedia dance concert which explores feminine energy, feminism, and the experience of woman/femme-identified people in society. It is such an honor to witness young men and women dancing together, finding strength in vulnerability, and using their strength to lift each other up. 

TAPA Dance Company SHE 1
The TAPA Dance Company’s upcoming dance concert “SHE // FEMME // THEM” is an investigation of the feminine in all of us. We come from women. Each of us carries her Chromosome. So, to allow systems and ideologies that perpetuate sexist relationships and images of the self, is an offense to all of humanity. We must make art about it.

TAPA Dance Company SHE 2

Some souls
Feel like they were meant to be together
To dance together
There is trust
To carry each other’s weight
To let them lift you up
We notice the ways we were socialized to hold back
To doubt ourselves
To be afraid of letting go
To lead someone else
To hold power
We notice the gifts that our ancestors passed down to us in our blood
To be strong
To survive
To protect
To be joyful
To be present
To be sensitive
Who did they want us to be?
How do we want to be remembered, if at all?
What do we want to preserve in our bloodline?
TAPA Dance Company SHE 4

– Matt Garza, Creative Director – TAPA Dance Company

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