Soomi Kim – August Resident!

Soomi Kim  Peter yesley 2

Soomi Kim- creator and performing artist 
Leta Tremblay- director
Kevan Loney- Video artist
Bryce Cutler- Scenic designer
Mia Chung- dramaturge

Show title: MLCG (My Little china Girl)

Project description:

When David Bowie died, performing artist Soomi Kim was suddenly reminded of her own coming of age as a Korean American in the MTV generation and her adolescent desire to be the exotic Asian woman in Bowie’s China Girl video. MLCG (My Little China Girl), written, choreographed and performed by Kim, video artist Kevan Loney, to be directed by Leta Tremblay. MLCG is a high octane solo performance that traverses Kim’s experiences as a first generation Korean American navigating the tyranny of Western perceptions of beauty; the absence of Asians in mainstream American media; and the dearth of Asian heroines in American narratives. 

World premiere run at Dixon Place November 3,4,10,11,17,18 at 7:30 2017
MLCG is commissioned by Dixon Place
Show page and tickets:
Soomi Kim’s website:
Leta Tremblay’s website:
Kevan Loney’s website:
Bryce Cutler’s website:
Mia Chung’s page:
The time at the Dragon’s Egg will be spent dividing focus in the different disciplines involved in this piece.
We will spend the week developing the writing, movement and video/design elements. Our goal is to have a working 1st draft script by the end of the week! We look forward to spending quality time together away from the distractions of the city life as well as grooving on the process of making new work.
 The first photo  is the promo shot (by Peter Yesley)
The others are from a work in progress at Dixon Place that she did in February. 

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