Somatic Awareness Workshop

Somatic Awareness Workshop

Saturday, October 3, 2015

10:00 am – 2:00 pm


Join Noreen Owens, M.Ed., Certified Hanna Somatic Educator, and Author of Where Comfort Hides, to relax chronic muscle tension through the profound mind-body movement work of Dr. Thomas Hanna.


In working with clients who had chronic stiffness and pain, Dr. Hanna observed three unique reflex patterns that become habituated over time and cause a loss of awareness and control that feels and looks like aging.  The three patterns are: 






Experience a simple, non-stretching approach (aka pandiculation) for relaxing each of these patterns.   These movements are beneficial for all fitness levels, from the bedridden to Olympic athletes, making this knowledge essential for bodyworkers, physical therapists, trainers, yoga instructors, and doctors; anyone in the fitness, aging, or pain relief field. 


An empowering daily routine for maintaining spine, joint, and breathing health; managing pain; reducing stress and anxiety; and restoring balance, comfort, posture, stamina, and agility.


To Register: Call Noreen Owens at (603)772-3307 or e-mail


Fee:  $125.00  (includes a CD) 

Drop-ins space permitting, but pre-registration recommended. 


Hanna trained his first group of practitioners in 1990, and perished in a car accident the night before the last day of training.  With approximately 250 trained Hanna Somatic Educators around the world today, this is a unique opportunity to self-empower yourself and others with this simple approach to restoring comfort and movement at any age. 


  Contact Noreen Owens directly at (603)772-3307 or (603)770-0958 or e-mail to register today.  For more info visit


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