Quixote Project!

Come find us at the Dragon’s Egg this Saturday 
November 7
at 4 p.m.
celebrating Cervante’s great work
with dance and costumes
playlets and skits
for all ages
Please join us for the 12th annual Narrative Project at the Dragon’s Egg!

Each year, I send out a prompt to actors and dancers, puppeteers and singers, local artists and distant who have been in residence at the Egg.  The prompt is a piece of literature, and the task is to come up with a five minute riff on some portion of the text.  The riff can be dance or theatre, monologue, song, etc.  
Then I arrange these into an “assemblage” performance.

All the performers come together on the day of the show.  Everyone has rehearsed his or her own bit, and we have also added various linking bits using beastie costumes.  
Some arrive earlier, but basically, we put the pieces together, do a walk through, and then a run, and then, and then:  show what we have!

This is a one time only event, and is amazing.  

Do come be audience for it.  This year’s event is based on Don Quixote, and will take place on 
Saturday, November 7th, at 4 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg.
Suitable for all ages.  All donations happily accepted, and will help to support the creative work of the Egg.

See you soon!
namaste, marya

DanKnight Arthur

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