Quality of Touch Workshop

  • Quality of Touch to Composition: a two-part workshop with setGO
    Saturday, June 17 at 10 AM – 5 PM
    Dragon’s Egg, CT

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    In this open-level workshop, we will build a foundation of skills through Contact Improvisation practices and solo movement generation and then, in the afternoon, move into group scores for composing in the moment.  You can register for either the morning or afternoon, or, even better, join us for the whole day.  

setGO is a Contact Improvisation research and performance ensemble founded in 2016 by dancers Shura Baryshnikov, Aaron Brando, Bradley Teal Ellis, Paul Singh, and Sarah Konner.  The group shares a love for whimsical, whole-hearted, virtuosic improvisation; they have been dance-making together since 2009. 

In a time when we are increasingly detached and technologically dependent, what type of communication humanizes us? What kind of communication establishes and reinforces bonds rather than isolates us? When we practice Contact Improvisation, our primal faculties are on display, which can remind us of the pure essence of human communication. Each dancer is relying on their own body, the most complex operating system we have access to, using the body as a human landscape and exploring movement in the relation to earth’s physical laws as well as a partner. We believe that CI challenges our overwhelming acceptance of media ecology, offering a respite from our dependence on virtual information. Contact Improvisation is analog versus digital. It is subversive in a time with so much digital dependence. The practice of Contact Improvisation provides an opportunity to zoom into the ecology of the body and then out to experience composition, community, and culture. We are simultaneously negotiating shared choice-making with another human, creating new languages and mode of communication with every dance. When examining the etymology of the word communication, we learn that it literally means “to make common.” With this non-verbal language, we build community through communication. 

$30 Morning Contact Improvisation session: 10am – 1pm 
$30 Afternoon Composition session: 2pm – 5pm
To register email: setGOdance@gmail.com
Please pay through paypal: setGOdance@gmail.com

If you’d like to send a check, let us know by email and we’ll send you the mailing address. 

For more info on setGO visit


Shura Baryshnikov
Co-Founding Artistic Director of Doppelgänger Dance Collective

Trinity Teaching Associate 
Department of Theatre Arts and Performances Studies, Brown University
Dance & Movement Instruction, Brown/Trinity MFA in Acting and Directing

Dance Program Coordinator 
Moses Brown School

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