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The Order

While in residency at the Dragons Egg, Nicole Vaughan-Diaz [choreographer], will begin sketching the first draft of her first evening-length work, The Order, to be premiered in New York City, 2020. This exciting endeavor will include collaborator Ryan Rouland-Smith [dancer], as Vaughan-Diaz begins to visualize and understand the piece as a whole for the very first time.

Set in a tunnel-like close proximity to its audience, The Order, will explore what our interpersonal relationships might look like during the aftermath of loss, and in the midst of immense grief. How might two people lean on, lean away, or use one another in a time of extreme mourning? What begins to manifest within ourselves and our communities in the absence of a loved one? How we grapple with our wounds varies from person to person. Yet, Vaughan-Diaz is interested in finding the commonalities that exist amongst humankind; recognizing this part of life is an inevitable for all, and therein connects us deeply.


Nicolediaz1NICOLE VAUGHAN-DIAZ is a New York City based dancer and choreographer, and a current member of internationally-touring dance company, Kate Weare Company (2013-current), performing originating roles as part of the companies Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and Joyce Theatre seasons, among many others; being quoted as “…the striking Nicole Diaz” [New York Times], “…a sure-footed Vaughan-Diaz… moved as though a statue come to life, with sustained grace.” [FJordReview], “…especially impressive was Vaughan-Diaz – small but strong, fast but specific, intense yet untamed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.” [Sarasota Herald Tribune].

Additionally, she has performed works by Sasha Waltz, Luke Murphy, and ODC Theater of San Francisco.

Originally from Miami, Florida [USA],  Vaughan-Diaz began performing at venues, including, Art Basel, Miami Dance Festival, and Colony Theatre. In 2013, Vaughan-Diaz graduated cum laude from the University of South Florida, receiving a BFA in dance performance, where she was awarded the BRAVO and Hope Rietschlin scholarship awards for superior artistry and performance. There, she performed works by Doug Varone, Rosie Herrera, Michael Foley, Colleen Thomas, Andee Scott, and John Parks.

Vaughan-Diaz is now devoting time to explore her emergence as a choreographer in New York City, with a specific interest in the human psyche, post-trauma. Her work has premiered at venues including, Judson Memorial Church, The Public Theater, and Arts on Site. In 2019, Vaughan-Diaz was awarded the Challenge Winner Award of the 24th Annual DanceNOW Festival at The Public Theater.

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