Maia and Medea fly at the Egg, in Residency

Maia medea1

Maia&Medea are versatile multidisciplinary circus and dance artists who have worked together for several years in solo and ensemble projects.

We are working on splicing together our two solo shows into an integrated program. We spent this week at the Egg devising points of encounter and overlap, and fleshing out the shape of the whole.

Maia medea2
Medea’s arc is about becoming a phoenix in the face of mental turmoil. It is structured by the phases of bipolar disorder from first-hand experience.

Maia’s arc is about locating yourself in the world and history when every box this chimera has ever checked is the one marked “other.”

We envision that each arc could be experienced as a complete work in itself, while also existing in an enhanced form through the combination. Coming from a deeply personal place, as we interact with each other, each person’s story ends up affecting the other’s–from one alien to another.Maia medeaSnow

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