Juliet and her Romeo – June 15th

The R and J Project!!  June 15 at 4 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg

This will be the tenth annual Narrative Project at the Egg, in which a particular literary text is selected, and Dragon’s Egg artists of various genres (dance, theatre, music, puppetry) create a riff on a particular portion of the text.  Marya then “assembles” these, and adds some segueways with Beasty bits, for a grand frolic and re examination of the text.  This summer, we are looking at a familiar work: Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare.

There will be dancers, poets, actors, masks, music, galore, both inside the Egg, and outside, on your way into the Event Proper.

We look forward to seeing you for this once in a lifetime invention with wit and energy of our take on Juliet and her Romeo.

Artists will include many local performers, plus artists from NYC, Vt, Boston, Pennsylvania, Springfield.

Please join us on June 15th, Saturday, at 4 pm, at the Egg.   Come a bit early to enjoy the events in the woods, on your way into the egg.

R j balcony

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