Hygienic Earth Egg is on Sunday, April 25

Oslo forests1
(Oslo forest by Oyvind Kavag)

Programme for the Hygienic Earth Egg- a Zoom experience! April 25, 2021

The actors, dancers, puppeteers, poets, and musicians give of their time and their generous talent freely. If you are able to give a donation to the Dragon’s Egg to help us support this work, you may use pay pal, or a paper cheque: paypal.me/dragonseggstudio.

Stupa12 2020
(stupa at HayHouse)

Hygienic Earth Egg 2021:
inspired by the Earth, and by the writings of Gary Snyder

Performers are artists local and distant, all associated with the Dragon’s Egg.
The project is conceived and assembled by Marya Ursin, of the Dragon’s Egg.

Order of Performances
Marya will be announcing each work in turn.

Three Poems About Trees by Lana Orphanides

“Beautiful Little System”. Filmed and performed by Lesley Farlow. Text by Gary Snyder

Two Poems Regarding Birds of Spring by Sara Ingram; second reader will be Peter Gross

Film Monologue by Sandy Laub

“Off Her Rocker” 
Created and performed by Ara Fitzgerald 
Film by Peter Cunningham 

Hooping by Serena Judge. Music: ’Take Flight’ by Lindsey Stirling. Poem of inspiration: “How to Know Birds”

The Venerable Hildred H. Lamb Lecture Series on “The Etiquette of Freedom”
caught on video by Clare Byrne

“Going Down Slow”
Words by Jason Rabin
Song by St. Louis Jimmy Oden, performed by Jason Rabin
Film by Peter Cunningham

Flock theatre. Hanji Paper Puppet Project on YouTube

In Niko, by Dan Potter.

Sunrise GB
(Sunrise by Sophia Chapadiev, GB)

Thank you to all.  We honour you, and the Skies, the  Earth, and all the creatures large and small.

Small zebra2
(Aarya as zebra, nani as photographer)


Byrne is a dancer-and-choreographer-turned-singer-songwriter who has lived, performed and taught in New York City, and Burlington, VT.  She now calls Guilford, CT home. Her debut double LP Celestials was released in 2019: www.celestials.me. She is currently working on a live album project, and is also beginning a Masters in Religion and Music at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music. More info can be found at: www.clarebyrnemusic.com

Peter Cunningham has been a professional photographer for over 30 years.  His teachers include Baptist fisherman Lester Tate, dancer Martha Myers, French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, Zen Master Bernie Glassman and singer-songwriter Janis Ian.  Peter has exhibited his photographs and StillFilms in New York, Krakow, London, Paris, Tokyo, Jerusalem, Kigali, Nanjing, Beijing, Berlin and Grand Manan, Canada. His clients include singers, teachers, chefs, playwrights, athletes, accountants, actors, fishermen and clowns.  He teaches “Photography as Zen Practice” in the US and China. is co-author with Peter Matthiessen of “Are We There Yet? A Zen Journey through Space and TIme,” and is a founding member of“The Order of DisOrder.” https://www.petercunninghamphotography.com

Peter Cunningham has been a professional photographer for  50 years.  His teachers include Baptist fisherman Lester Tate, dancer Martha Myers, French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, AND Zen Master Bernie Glassman. His clients include singers, teachers, chefs, playwrights, athletes, accountants, actors, fishermen and clowns. https://www.petercunninghamphotography.com

 Lesley Farlow is a dance artist, movement educator and writer, based in Northampton, MA. She performed in NYC and toured for a lot of years, and was on the faculty at Trinity College for a long time. She is delighted and honored to be part of anything associated with Marya and the Dragon’s Egg. This is her first iPhone film.

Ara Fitzgerald creates dance/theatre as a choreographer, writer, improviser and performer.
Current projects: Tree Hugger, Love Letters to Minkie (1917) and links to two books, Scripts for Solo Performer and Don’t Sit Down, Reflections on Life and Work by Martha Myers can be found on her website https://www.arafitzgerald.com.  

Flock Theatre is a professional theatre company based in New London, CT. Whether working with the timeless words of Shakespeare, modern classics such as Eugene O’Neill, puppet pieces, teaching in schools, or conducting their annual Burning of Benedict Arnold Festival, Flock Theatre is dedicated to creating original, collaborative, and educational theatre.

Peter Gross is a foreign language teacher who likes to spend his time hiking, biking and chopping wood.

Sara Ingram is a poet, dancer, and teacher.  Her book of poetry, Sounds of House and Wood (Antrim House) celebrates New England winters and childhood memories.  Sara lives in Deep River and is a member of the Connecticut River Poets, and the Connecticut Storytelling Center.

Serena Judge is a computer geek who plays with plastic circles,.

Sandra Laub has taught English to 11th and 12th grade students for a long while; she’s also a performer with many professional theater credits, including her one-woman performance of William Gibson’s “Golda’s Balcony” which has toured the country since 2013. Sandra is also an adapter of literature for performance-her play based on the letters of G.B. Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell will go virtual in May, and her adaptation of Nora Ephron’s play, Imaginary Friends will do the same in the fall. Sandra has been enjoying the camaraderie, collaboration, creativity, and spontaneous combustion sparked by Dragon’s Egg for a long while, too.  Thank you, Marya!

Lana Orphanides was the co-founder of the poetry journal, “A Letter Among Friends”. She has participated in “Poetry of the Wild”, co-authored a book of paintings and poetry, and done many readings throughout Connecticut.  She is the author of the chapbook, “Sea and the Sound of Wind”, and most recently a poetry collection, “Searching for Angels”, published by Antrim Press. She is a member of Connecticut River Poets and Poets for the Planet.  Her poetry focuses on the natural world and the solace and wisdom these observations bring.

For the past five years Dan Potter has been exchanging poems every other day
with West Coast poet, Alice Pero.  He is also a sculptor, painter, mask maker, performer, co director of the Mystic Paper Beasts, co creator of the Dragon’s Egg.

Jason Rabin is a Boston-based writer, arts activist, and performer whose mind commonly dances around dreams, mythology, rhetoric, and social justice. A vocalist, songwriter, and blues harmonica player, he fronts the roots-rock band, The Ways & Means Committee (WAMC).

Marya Ursin, your MC today and the instigator of this event, is a dancer, mime, yogi, writer, performer, co director of the Mystic Paper Beasts, and executive director of the Dragon’s Egg.

Moon bowl gary wms
(Moon in a bowl, by Gary Williams)

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