Ecstatic Dance at the Egg

Ecstatic Dance – an introductory workshop – will be at the Egg on June 14, from 6:45 – 8 pm.  The fee will be $20.  Best to rsvp with marya at

Movement Medicine Workshop with Melissa Cokas and Haley Sharack

Find ultimate freedom through synchronizing breath, movement + music, transforming the mundane into the divine.  Together we will find our authentic movement, exploring expansion + vibration, while overcoming ego.

Haley Sharack


As a yoga and holistic (Ayurvedic) lifestyle consultant, Haley Sharack is dedicated to helping people soothe, strengthen and rejuvenate their busy minds and bodies to achieve the best versions of themselves. 
In addition to holding a 200-hour yoga teachers certificate, Haley has completed extensive hours of advanced certification training in Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga(r) as well as Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consulting through the Global School for Living Yoga. In addition to various depth of Prana Vinyasa flow, her trainings have included pre/post natal yoga as well as yoga trance dance. At the School, Haley was fortunate to work with renowned yoga instructor Shiva Rea, who she credits, among a handful of other skilled teachers, with revealing to her many of the nuanced treasures & techniques of this ancient, self-illuminating practice.
Haley was first inspired by the yoga lifestyle in 2004 while living in India, leading her to be drawn to the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda, a famed spiritual master and yoga leader from India, also known for founding Integral Yoga(r). In 2010 she completed a month-long “Living Yoga Training” program based around the teachings of Satchidananda. 
After many years of traveling and satisfying her global curiosity, Haley is honored to return to her roots and teach her passion to those in Connecticut and beyond.
In her life, yoga has grown to not only serve the vitality of Haley’s being, but the way she sees and relates to the world while through its practice, it unfolds the layers to self discovery and the nourishment of her authentic self and heart.
In addition to guiding people on their yoga journeys, she enjoys helping clients design lifestyles of optimal health and divine balance with ayurveda and creative living, as well as creating plant based, medicinal kitchen alchemy. She is a lover of nature, dance, discovery, creativity and entrepreneurship, and has a playful yet soulful spirit!

Melissa Cokas
Melissa has been teaching various modalities of yoga and movement since becoming 200-hour certified in 2001 through her month-long intensive at Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica.  

As a life-long dancer, her practice began in early childhood and since, she has studied many forms of dance including jazz, modern, improvisational, temple, and West African, the form she has focused on for the past 13 years.  As an avid participant in the circus community she has been learning, playing + teaching acroyoga + hoop dance for over 10 years.  Beginning 7 years ago she developed a love for aerial silks or “ tela” and now incorporates the flow of various fabric forms into her movement.   

After a transformational experience in 2011, realizing the awesome healing + contemplative power of dance utilized in her own growth and evolution, she set out on a journey to help others bring it’s potency into their own lives.  With a passion for ancient cultural movement and ritual she has gladly accepted any chance to travel the world and steep within these sacred forms.    Her early life’s focus on mathematics informs her movement.  Exploration of exotic time signatures + polyrhythms as a meditation to release thought + ego, creating an opening through which the absolute can manifest.    

Melissa lives in a geodesic dome homestead with her husband and 3 children.  She has a degree in Environmental Engineering and loves to share her passion for nutrition, homeopathy and the environment with any who wish to explore.

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