Echo at the Egg!

An echo is created, repeated and transformed in free play with Space and Time.

ECHO photo by Bob Krasner

ECHOensemble explores what it means to practice change through listening, movement and sound. They create immersive performance-installations, rousing vibrations from the space and moment. Directed by Jonah Udall, ECHOensemble comes together in a shared practice called SHIFT, born from Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints, Steve Reich’s process music, and Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, and years of exploration. They perform regularly for ChaShaMa in abandoned commercial spaces around New York City. They are Noah Becker, Dani Cole, Erin Landers, Todd Betterley, Ri Tornello, Zach Ritter, Brian Ellis and Jonah Udall.

ECHOensemble had their public debut at Dixon Place in January, 2019, premiering their evening-length work One. They have performed for the CREST festival at Teatro Latea, Basement Gallery in Bushwick, and in residence at Dragon’s Egg in Mystic, CT.

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