Dragon’s Egg Presents: Cecilia Fontanesi

As a part of the Dragon’s Egg Presents at Triskelion program, we bring you Cecilia Fontanesi and her explorations.  

The concert is at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY, on September 24th, at 2 pm, and features nine different actor/dancer groups who have been in residence at the Egg within the past year or two.  

Come join us!   Tickets are a mere $15.  Reservations:  contact Marya at mybeasts@aol.com.



Photo Credits: Marie Noyale

Title: Black | Card | Box | Board
Perfomers: Dean James Beckwith, Cecilia Fontanesi, Javaka Steptoe
Created by: Parcon NYC (Dean James Beckwith, Cecilia Fontanesi, Funda Gul, Richard Kim, Javaka Steptoe, Andrew Suseno)
PARCON emerges when we allow the environment to become a partner in our dance through contact. A mind/body movement and contact investigation form for all people to transform our relationships with the environment and others through using Parkour, Contact Improvisation, and Social Reflection.
For more info: 
Dean James Beckwith is a performance artist, playwright, and lyricist, interested in developing emergent complexity through ensemble improvisation.

Cecilia Fontanesi is a dancer and performer, but also neuroscientist, Laban movement analyst, and yoga teacher, combining her performative practice with research in dance/movement therapy.

Javaka Steptoe is an eclectic young artist, designer, and illustrator, building a national reputation as an outstanding contributor to the genre of children’s literature.

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