Contemporary Technique at the Egg!

Contemporary Technique

Wednesday, June 29: 5:30 – 6:45

with Chloe Carlson:


The joy of moving; engaging in dialogue and community, and individual artistic expression are what we will focus on as we explore full-bodied, fluid and vigorous dancing.  Class includes structured phrases to warm up, leading to longer sequences in center and across the floor.  Some previous dance experience recommended; senses of playfulness and openness very helpful.  


Chloe Carlson shares her lifelong passion for dancing through teaching, choreographing and performing. Currently, she works with New Haven-based Elm City Dance Collective, and as a solo artist and collaborator under her recently launched GUSTO Dance Project.


Pre register, please!  

Cheque to Mystic Paper Beasts with the particular class in the subject line. 

That will be how we know if a class is a “go” or not..


You may pre register with me at, or with the instructor (email above).  Cheques are to be written to the Mystic Paper Beasts.  I hope to see you there!!


(photo by Rich Davis.)

Chloe carlson  richdavis

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